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0AD Ancient Warfare


0AD Ancient Warfare is a native Linux real-time strategy game and remember it's a zero, not the letter "O".

The game features the real-time strategy gameplay components of building a base, training an army, combat, and technology research.

0AD is about economic development and warfare.

The game will include multiple units and buildings specific to each civilization as well as both land and naval units.

0AD Ancient Warfare is a native Linux real-time strategy game.

Twelve different civilizations are available, which are each represented as they were at their apex.

During the game, the player does not advance through time, but from village phase over town phase to city phase.

The phases represent the sizes of settlements in history, and every phase unlocks new units, buildings and technologies.

Tutorial is built-in:


  • Unique civilizations: In 0 A.D. each civilization is unique in its appearance and gameplay, including units, structures, and technology trees.
  • Citizen soldiers: Some infantry and cavalry units can not only fight, but also gather resources and construct buildings, making them substantially more versatile than in typical RTS games.
  • Combat experience matters: The more time your citizen soldiers spend fighting your enemies, the higher they go up the ranks. With each rank, they become stronger, but they also get worse at civilian tasks.
  • Technology tradeoffs: Some technologies are arranged in pairs, and within each pair, you can only research one technology at most in each game. This choice is irreversible, so choose carefully!
  • Unit formations: Arrange your units in historical battle formations from the Phalanx to the Testudo and gain bonuses, such as increased armor. However, beware the costs that may come with them, such as lower speed! (As of August 2012, this feature has not been implemented yet.)

Realism and Authenticity:

  • Real world map realism: Random maps are based upon real geography of the ancient world with realistic plants, animals and terrain.
  • Authentic historical details: Designs of units, buildings and technologies all reflect the hallmarks of each civilization. We even give them names in the original ancient Greek, Latin, Punic, Celtic, etc.
  • Planned lifelike naval warfare: Ships will be on a much larger and more lifelike scale than seen in other games. They will move more realistically and even be able to ram other ships.

Written in: C++, JavaScript, JSON, XML.

License: GPLv2+ for the Game engine and CC BY-SA for the game art.

How to install via a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install 0ad

Press Enter,

wait...2,139 MB of additional disk space will be used.

When it is installed, you will find it in the menu, but you can also launch it from a terminal window by typing 0ad and hitting Enter.

"Tested on Debian 10 Stable "Buster" iCore7, 128MB INTEL graphics, 4GB RAM."

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