Beginners introduction to hacking


Beginners introduction to hacking:

Hackers is not a myth, they try to compromise your computers, sensitive information you might have and they even try to hack entire networks. It all started back in the 1960s at MIT, the origin of the term “hacker”, defined extremely skilled individuals practicing hardcore programming in FORTRAN and other languages.

A hacker goes for almost any type of system they think they can compromise, usually Windows. It is actually quite simple, if you are able to hack into anyone’s system and show it off online, this increases your status in hacker circles.

The levels of skillset which determines who and what you are in a hackers circle. Below you can see what kind of hackers there are.

1.Script Kiddies.
The most common type of hacker. Beginners with some kind of programming skill, but they use software other hackers created.
They are a low level hacker, but sometimes strike it rich.

2.Hacking groups.
Normally a group of "Script Kiddies" working together. LulzSec is the most well known hacking group, reported to be responsible for major hack attacks on Sony, Nintendo, UK ATM database, XFactor and others.

Anonymous is the most well known hacktivist group, having launched attacks against Bank of America, child-porn sites, Koch Industries, NATO and various other government websites.

4.Black Hat Hackers.
These are real professionals with an expert attitude, extreme coding skills and a deep understanding of operating systems and how they work.

5.Gray Hat Hackers.
They live on the border of what is legal and illegal.

6.White Hat Hackers.
Are basically hackers working to make our systems more secure against malicious attacks. They are security assessment professionals that possesses the skills, mindset, and tools of a malicious hacker. These are Ethical hackers and there are courses you can take to become a certified Ethical Hacker or ( Pentester ).

7.The Organised criminal gangs.
Collectives with coders guided by strict rules to ensure their activities can continue undetected by the police. The extent of members can range from a few members to several thousand.

8. Nation state funded hackers.
At the top of the hacking ladder is the nation state hacker, with almost unlimited fundings and access to the latest technology.

9.Botnet attacks.
Automated attacks by software, created by skilled hackers and can be used by all of the above.

NOTE: Due to some laws in the U.S.A, you might be running a risk of jailtime and fines even if you are an educated and legalized pentester ( White Hat Hacker ).


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