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Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, USB Burner Software For Linux


Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, USB burner software for Linux.

CDs are still being used today, but to a lesser extent than before, DVD and BLU-RAY were released. Here we list various programs to create your own CD / DVD and t on BLU-RAY discs.

Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, USB burner software for Linux.

Holds about 650 - 680MB, depending on the manufacturer of the CD-R disc, and keep in mind that you will never be able to use the entire disc.

Digital Versatile Disc (originally Digital Video Disc), shortened DVD or DVD, is a digital optical storage medium that replaced the old video cassette tapes (VHS), but its scope also includes music and images in various formats as well as general data storage.

The advantage of DVD versus CD is a higher storage capacity of up to 4.7GB - 9.4GB, but it requires a DVD burner that supports these discs and a software. Has recorded 17.08 gigabytes (double-sided double-sided), but never come into contact with a DVD, with this capacity.

Blu-ray Disc or BD is a format for digital storage of large amounts of data, including HD movies and games. It is an extension of the DVD but of the same physical size. The format was formed in 2002 by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), which includes Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic, Technics), Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony.

The technique is based on the use of a violet blue laser which, compared with red, has a shorter wavelength and thus allows to store more data on the same surface as before. A common single-sided single-layer BD can store 25GB, but already there are BDs that store double layer, which gives 50GB. Pioneer has developed a 16-layer disc, enabling 400 GB of data to be stored on a disc.

Xfburn is a Bluray disc burner and the only "free" one I have discovered so far.

USB or SD Burner:
Yes, they do actually exist and are being used more frequently to burn .iso images onto.



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