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BRL-CAD for Linux


BRL-CAD is a powerful platform-compliant Open Source combined constructive solid geometric (CSG) solid modeling system that includes interactive 3D geometry aligning, high performance beam tracking support for rendering and geometric analysis, network distributed framebuff support, image and signal processing tools, track tracking and photo mapping support for realistic image synthesis, performance analysis system, embedded script interface and library for robust high performance geometric representation and analysis.

For more than 20 years, BRL-CAD has been the primary tri-service solid modeling CAD system used by the US military to model weapon systems for vulnerability and death analyzes.

The solid modeling system is widely used in a wide range of military, academic and industrial applications, including vehicle construction, mechanical engineering and architecture.

The package has also been used in radiation dosing, medical visualization, computer graphics training, CSG concepts and modeling training and system performance testing testing, among other things.

BRL CAD supports a large number of geometric representations, including a comprehensive set of traditional CSG primitive implicit solids, such as boxes, ellipsoids, cones and tori, as well as explicit solids made from closed collections of uniform B-Spline surfaces, non-uniform Rational B -Spline (NURBS) surfaces, N-Manifold Geometry (NMG), and pure faceted mesh geometry.

All geometric objects can be combined using boolish theoretical CSG operations.

BRL CAD has been active development for systems like a DEC VAX-11/780 running 4.3 BSD; DECStations that run ULTRIX; Silicon Graphics 3030, 4D "IRIS", O2, Onyx and Origin system running different versions of IRIX; Sun Microsystems Sun-3 and Sun-4 Sparcs running SunOS; Cray 1, Cray X-MP, Cray Y-MP and Cray 2 running UNICOS; DEC Alpha AXP running OSF / 1; Apple Macintosh II runs A / UX; iPSC / 860 Hypercube Run NX / 2; Alliant FX / 8, FX / 80 and FX / 2800; Gould / Encore SEL PowerNode6000 / 9000 and NP1; NEXT workstations; IBM RS / 6000; HPPA 9000/700 runs HPUX; Ivrig / Stardent; Encore Multi-Max; and much more.

BRL-CAD is a collection of more than 400 tools, tools and applications that include more than one million lines of source code. The package is deliberately designed to be an extensive platform and is actively developed and maintained for many common operating system environments, including BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows. BRL CAD is distributed in binary and source code form as open source software (FOSS), provided under license agreement with Open Source Initiative (OSI).

Mike Muuss started the original architecture and design of BRL CAD in 1979. The development as a single package started in 1983. The first release was released in 1984. BRL-CAD became an open source project on December 21, 2004.

NOTE: You need to download the software from the developers website.
License: BSD, LGPL

Developers website


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Windows has always been the preferred platform for gaming, but after STEAM's interest in Linux more game developers are making their games natively available for Linux.


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