Change Brightness, Backlight In Debian Linux


Change brightness, backlight In Debian Linux.

In Debian 8.xx it is not as simple as in Debian 9.xx or 10.xx.

Change brightness, backlight In Debian Linux.

Debian 9 and Debian 10 has an applet controlling the backlight included, located next to the hours.

Brightness (Backlight) "controls the black level". If set to low, pixels that are not supposed to be black will become black. If set to high, pixels that are supposed to be black will be slightly gray instead.

If you are using a Notebook with Debian installed, you can use the FN button + F1 / F2 to change the brightness of the monitor.

On desktop desktops, you can make these settings using the buttons located on the front of the monitor.

Worth knowing: INTELS Drivers for Linux do not support contrast changes.

The simplest method for those of you who use the Cinnamon theme is to enable the Brightness applet under Panel applications.

Users of Debian 8.xx, you need to know this part ! Debian 9.xx, users doesn't !

Software-based CLI solution via Terminal window:

Start by installing the xbacklight program.

sudo apt-get install xbacklight

Press Enter.

If you want to set the brightness to 50% (between 0 - 100), type:

xbacklight -set 50

To increase the brightness by 10%, type:

xbacklight -inc 10

If you want to reduce the brightness by 10%, you type:

xbacklight -dec 10

NOTE! Be careful not to reduce the brightness too much.

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