Countries Doesn't Respect Citizen's Online Privacy


Countries doesn't respect citizen's online privacy.

Sometimes when planning a trip or permanent residence in another country, one must look at all the negative and positive things this country has to offer, like a persons integrity, privacy and in some cases their weird laws.

Countries confirmed are:

  • Sweden (Using the ISP's) to send data to SAPO via server installed surveillance software.
  • Australia (Member of the five eyes)
  • Canada (Member of the five eyes)
  • India - Holding, selling or dealing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could soon land people in India in jail for 10 years.
  • New Zealand (Member of the five eyes)
  • U.S.A (Member of the five eyes)
  • U.K (Member of the five eyes)
  • Venezuela - Blocking acces to sites like Wikipedia and others intercepting the SSL handshake.
    Articles: A bill in Venezuela seeks to give the government absolute control over the internet. Additional information 20/06/2019: Brazilian Journalists accused of terrorism, for using a drone to take photos. Drones are forbidden in Venezuela.


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