DAR - Disk ARchive Archiver


DAR - Disk ARchive Archiver is a full featured archiver with support for differential backups, ATTR/ACL support, compression, slices. DAR also supports pipes for remote operations, including SSH. There is two graphical user interfaces available for DAR, one is KDar and the other is named DarGUI.

DAR application can store a backup in several files (called “slices” in the following) of a given size, eventually pausing or running a user command/script before starting the next slice.

License: GNU GPL Version 2

DAR - Disk ARchive Archiver.


  • Archive merging – merge two existing archives into one archive.
  • Archive subsetting – define a subset of files from an archive and put them into a new archive without having to really extract these files to disk.
  • Archive testing – detect data corruption in the archive.
  • Compression including: Per-file compression with gzip or bzip2 (as opposed to compressing the whole archive).
  • Data protection.
  • Direct Access – Dar first reads the catalogue (i.e. the contents of the backup), then it goes directly to the location of the saved file(s) you want to restore and proceed to restoration.
  • Directory tree snapshot recording the inode status of files.
  • Extended attributes.
  • Fast extraction of files.
  • Fast listing of archive files.
  • Filters.
  • Flat restoration.
  • Full or differential backup.
  • Hard links.
  • Isolation – the catalogue (i.e. the contents of an archive) can be extracted (this operation is called isolation) to a small file, that can in turn be used as reference for differential archive.
  • Re-shape slices of an existing archive.
  • Remote operations.
  • Scrambling – the archive can be scrambled by using a pass phrase.
  • Strong Blowfish encryption.
  • Support slices, archives split over multiple files of a particular size.

How to install:

sudo apt-get install dar

Press Enter.

Then go get the DAR GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) from here.

Untar the tar.gz file.

cd downloads

Press Enter.

cd dargui-1.0

Press Enter.

chmod +x install.sh

Press Enter.

Change user to "root":


Press Enter.


Press Enter.

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