Epson Printers - Using Forensic Tracking Dots


Seiko Epson is officially registered in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. In September 1968, Shinshu Seiki launched the world's first mini-printer, the EP-101 ("EP" for Electronic Printer,) which was soon incorporated into many calculators.

In June 1975, the name Epson was coined for the next generation of printers based on the EP-101 which was released to the public. (EPSON:E-P-SON: SON of Electronic Printer).

In April the same year, "Epson America Inc." was established to sell printers for Shinshu Seiki Co.

In June 1978, the TX-80 (TP-80), eighty-column dot-matrix printer was released to the market, and was mainly used as a system printer for the Commodore PET Computer. After two years of further development, an improved model, the MX-80 (MP-80), was launched in October 1980.

Soon after it was described as the best selling printer in the United States. Epson has been involved in many different areas, like PC manufacturing, but it was abandoned in 1996. While there is much to be read and write about the company, like boycotts, lawsuits and more.

In 2008 EFF discovered that Epson Color Laser Printers gave in to the demands of the US Government adding tracking dots.

In 2015 it emerged that Epson printers reported that cartridges are empty, when in fact 20% of the customers printer ink remains.

As stated by the EFF, none of the inkbased printers makes use of tracking dots ( forensic information ), only the color laserjets.

As of 2017 it is assumed that "ALL" Epson Color Laser Printers makes use of yellow tracking dots, invisible to the eye containing( forensic information ), as requested by the U.S. government.

Epson Printers Tested Positive For Forensic Tracking Dots
  AcuLaser C900 EFF tested - Positive
  AcuLaser C1100 EFF tested - Positive
  AcuLaser C1500 No Image Available EFF tested - Positive
  AcuLaser C1900      EFF tested - Positive
  AcuLaser C3000 EFF tested - Positive
  AcuLaser C4000 EFF tested - Positive

Which would make sense since Epson opened up an office in the U.S already back in the 1975.

If you want to make a test if your brand new Epson printer uses tracking dots, then print out a document, then look at the paper using blue light and / or a computer microscope.

If you own an Epson, whether its black & white or color, if you feel like doing a test and send the results here, we will publish it.

Now, there is no doubt, Epson always makes excellent printers. I would easily give them five stars if it was not for this, which I consider privacy intrusion. Thus I can't recommend buying this particular brand.

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