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Extcalc, Scientific Graphic Calculator


Extcalc, scientific graphic calculator.

Extcalc is a scientific graphic calculator released under an open source license.

Extcalc is able to process difficult mathematical functions, to draw graph and to work with them. All standard mathematical operations can be calculated using its attractive graphical frontend, together with more advanced mathematics including calculus.

Extcalc, scientific graphic calculator.

The software can draw different types of 2D and 3D graphics with OpenGL acceleration.

Extcalc also provides an integrated C-like script programming language.

There is also a console version developed by the developer called Concalc. It is the parser-algorithm of extcalc packed into a simple console program.

Extcalc was once added into Debians unstable repository, but has been removed.

License: GNU/GPLv2

Features include:

  • User interface for calculator.
  • User interface for graphics.
  • Mathematical parser with scientific functions:
    • standard functions (+, -, *, /, …);
    • trigonometric functions;
    • logarithms;
    • roots;
    • exponential functions;
    • variables;
    • integration;
    • differential calculation.
  • Drawing of graphs:
    • normal graphs;
    • polar graphs;
    • parameter function graphs;
    • 3D-graphs;
    • dynamic graphs;
    • complex graphs
  • Function graph analysis:
    • calculate x-value;
    • calculate roots;
    • Newton’s Method;
    • calculate y-values;
    • calculate points of intersection;
    • integration;
    • differential calculation.
  • Base-n calculatons.
  • Logic functions.
  • Tables.
  • Script editor.
  • Script management.
  • Script console.
  • Scripting commands:
    • for and while loop;
    • if expression;
    • arrays;
    • break, continue, stop keywords;
    • output functions: print, setcursor, clear;
    • input functions: getkey, getline, keystate;
    • script commands for file usage;
    • 3D-graphics interface for scripting;
    • 2D-graphics interface for scripting.
  • Script debugging messages.
  • Zooming and moving graphics window.
  • Saving screenshots of graphics window.
  • Drawing into graphics window.
  • Complex numbers.
  • Matrix calculations.
  • Vector calculations.
  • Matrix and vector operation support:
    • matrix and vector calculator
    • solving linear equations;
    • analyse matrices and vectors;
    • generate matrices and vectors.
  • Statistic functions:
    • approximation functions;
    • interpolation functions;
    • statistical analysis functions.

Debian / Kali Linux doesn't have this calculator in its repository.

How to install via a terminal window:

Download from developers website and follow installation instructions.

Developers website


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