Flatpak Software Deployment For Linux


Flatpak software deployment for Linux and a system for building, distributing and running sandboxed desktop applications on Linux.

Flatpak relies on a project called Bubblewrap for the low-level sandboxing.

It provides a sandbox environment in which users can run applications in isolation from the rest of the system.

Flatpak software deployment for Linux.

Applications using Flatpak need permission from the user to control hardware devices or access the user's files.

Red Hat's flatpak alternative to .rpm, gives you the possibility of running applications made for Fedora or redhat, on your Debian Linux distribution.

However, this could come at a cost of security.

Someone, has created a website called 'flatkill.org', where he/she or it explains, just how bad Flatpak is for you and your Linux system.

"Up until 0.8.7 all it took to get root on the host was to install a flatpak package that contains a suid binary (flatpaks are installed to /var/lib/flatpak on your host system)."

CVE-2017-9780 affects version 0.8.6, was and still is considered a minor issue if you have not updated your Flatpak. However, I do not think this is a minor issue, in regards to CVE-201-9780.

Also mentioned on the site, Flatpak VSCode, Android Studio, Sublime Text and Flatpak PyCharm.

The problem is not that sandboxing doesn't exist, but that application developers, choose not to use of it.

Sad to say, some Snap apps don’t make use of ‘strict confinement’, as well.

Flatpak developers are working on an improved permissions model with 'portals'.

Latest version: 1.5.0

License: GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, February 1999.

Now, that being said, here is how you install it, if you still want to, version 0.8.9 is available in Debian 9 Stable:

sudo apt install flatpak

Press Enter, done.

Note: I have installed it, used it and uninstalled it due to performance issues. If I have to choose, I prefer Snaps.

To view installed applications and runtimes, run:

flatpak list

Press Enter,

To view only the applications, not run times, use this command instead:

flatpak list --app

Press Enter,

List the available applications and runtimes from all remotes using command:

flatpak remote-ls

Press Enter,

To list applications, not runtimes, run:

flatpak remote-ls --app

Press Enter,

To list only the applications from a remote repository, run:

sudo flatpak remote-ls flathub --app

Press Enter,

If you want to update all your flatpak applications, run:

sudo flatpak update

Press Enter,


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