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FreeCiv Multiplayer Strategy Game


FreeCiv multiplayer strategy game, is a free clone of the turn based strategy game Civilization.

In this game each player becomes leader of a civilisation, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal: the extinction of all other civilisations.

Players take the role of a tribe leader in 4000 BC and have to guide their people through the centuries.

Over time, new technologies are discovered, which allow the construction of new city buildings and the deployment of new units.

Players can wage war on one another or form diplomatic relationships.

The game finishes when one civilization has eradicated all others, accomplished the goal of space colonization, or at a certain deadline.

FreeCiv multiplayer strategy game.

If more than one civilization remains at the deadline, the player with the highest score wins.

Points are awarded for the size of a civilization, its wealth, and cultural and scientific advances.

Freeciv was created as a multiplayer version of Civilization with players moving simultaneously.

Rules and elements of Civilization II, and features required for single-player use, such as AI players, were added later. It is still a stated goal to let Freeciv’s game engine be 100% compatible with Civilization I and II, but only as an option.

Freeciv is much more than a game: In Freeciv the game players can decide what the rules will be!

This means that unlike nearly every other computer game, Freeciv can be a different game each time you play.

License: GNU/GPLv3

Version: 2.6.0 released 22nd of July ,2018.

Size: 53,6MB

Features include:

  • Generally comparable with Civilization I & II.
  • Up to 126 players; Freeciv-web supports up to 500 players.
  • Queued production.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer-controlled players.
  • Internet & LAN multiplayer (TCP/IP).
  • Support for a great number of platforms.
  • Premade maps & scenarios.
  • More than 50 playable units and over 550 nations.
  • Modpack support.
  • In game help system.
  • Full Fog of War.
  • Diplomacy.

User Interfaces:

  • GTK+.
  • HTML.
  • Qt.
  • SDL.
  • WebGL.

Scriptable using the Lua programming language.

Internationalization (i18n): Translations for 36 languages available.

"Players of Sid Meier's Civilization series should feel at home, since one aim of Freeciv is to have rulesets with compatible rules. Freeciv is maintained by an international team of coders and enthusiasts, and is easily one of the most fun and addictive network or individual-versus-computer video games out there!"

That also means it has very extensive multilanguage support, something that are very rare in games.

How to install via a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install freeciv

Press Enter,

Developers website


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