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How do I compile a C/C++ program on Linux using the GNU gcc/g++ compiler?


I am assuming you want the latest version of some software, which isn't available in Debians repository and you can't find any .deb package from other trusted sites.

Begin by installing the build-essential package:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Press Enter.

These are the important library files for compiling C/C++ programs on linux.

Next step is to read the INSTALL-File or Readme file which comes with the software you want to compile, make sure all dependencies are installed before trying to compile the source code into a working program.

Writing your own first program under Linux using a simple texteditor and compiling it:

If you are starting to program in C/C++ and have just written your first standard hello world program and want to compile it.

The options -Wall -W and -Werror instructs the compiler to check for any warnings and the -o flag outputs it to an executable file.

g++ -Wall -W -Werror myfirstprogram.cpp -o hello

Press Enter.

Execute the program with the following command:

sudo ./hello

I do however recommend using CODE::BLOCKS IDE, which comes with the GNU gcc/g compiler.

You will find it under our software section.

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