My Computer Is Infected With Ransomware, What To Do?


My computer is infected with ransomware, what to do?

Do you have a full, recently taken backup available? Then do a complete recovery, its faster.


Rebooting may lead to restarting a crashed file-encryption process, potential loss of encryption keys stored in-memory.

My computer is infected with ransomware, what to do?

Disconnect the computer from the network so it doesn't spread to other computers.

Hibernate the computer is better, because it saves a copy of the memory, where some shady ransomware strains, sometimes may leaves copies of their encryption keys.

While rebooting in safe mode, is a good way of removing older screenlocker types of ransomware, it is not recommended when dealing with the latest strains of ransomware versions that encrypt files.

The executable that encrypts your data is designed, to crawl through attached, mapped and mounted drives to a given machine.

Sometimes it trips or is blocked by a permission issue and will stop the encryption process ( if you are lucky ).

Rebooting the machine, will just start it back up and it will try to finish the job.

"A partially encrypted machine is only partially encrypted due to some fortunate error or issue, so victims should take advantage and NOT let the malware finish its job...don't reboot!" according to CEO & Co-Founder of Coveware.

To learn more about dealing with ransomware attacks, you can check out the Emsisoft guide on how to remove ransomware and Coveware's first response guide on dealing with a ransomware attack.

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