Opera Web Browser For Linux


Opera web browser for Linux operating systems, developed by Opera Software.

Opera was conceived at Telenor as a research project in 1994 and was bought by Opera Software in 1995. Initially a commercial web browser, Opera became freeware in 2005.

Before 2013, Opera used the Presto layout engine and the Presto versions of Opera received 13 different awards.

In 2013, Opera changed its layout engine to Blink, the layout engine of its competitor Google Chrome.

These new versions were criticized for lacking popular user interface elements and for the layout engine change.

In 2016, Opera Software AS was sold to a Chinese consortium.

The parent company, the similarly named Opera Software ASA, changed its name to Otello Corporation.

Opera web browser for Linux operating systems.

Key features include a built-in pop-up blocker, integrated search, tabbed browsing, mouse gestures, advanced security, customizable speed dial, support for add-ons, as well as support for a skins.

It also features a turbo mode, that will load web pages faster on slow Internet connections.

Besides what features most browsers have, Opera include a threat analyzer tool that will warn you in case you visit a malicious website.

On GNU/Linux, the application is available for download as binary packages only, because it is closed source software.

License: Freeware

Version: 66.0.3515.44

Size: 223MB

Features of the Opera web browser include private browsing, tabbed browsing, download manager, mouse gestures and browser extensions.

How To install Opera web browser.

First you need to download the .deb package here.

Then you open a terminal window and type:

cd Downloads

Press Enter,

sudo dpkg -i opera-stable_66.0.3515.44_amd64.deb

Press Enter.

Now you must decide whether or not to let Opera autoupdate the browser by itself or not.

Opera Config Package

Hit Yes and press Enter.

Now find Opera browser in the menu under 'INTERNET'. It will open up two tabs when you start the browser, which one of them contains features with settings.

Opera Browser

Change settings or just close the tab.

Your installation is now complete and you can start surfing the web.

In case you want to uninstall Opera web browser from your Linux system.

Type the following command in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get remove opera-stable

Press Enter, answer 'Y' for (yes) and press Enter again, done.

Developers website

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