p0f - A passive traffic fingerprint mechanism to identify persons behind TCP IP


P0f is a tool that uses a range of sophisticated, purely passive traffic fingerprint mechanisms to identify persons behind any temporary TCP / IP communications (often as little as a regular SYN) without interfering in any way.

Version 3 is a complete rewrite of the original code base, which contains a significant number of fingerprint enhancements at the network level and introduces the ability to reflect on utility at application level (such as HTTP).

The program is scalable and extremely fast when identifying operating systems and software at both endpoints of, for example, a vanilla TCP connection - especially in settings where NMap probes are blocked, too slow, unreliable or simply turn off alarms.

Measurement of system uptime and network connection, distance (including topology behind NAT or packet filter), user language settings, and so on.

Automated connection sharing / NAT, load balancing and application-level settings.
Detection of clients and servers that explain declarative statements as X-Mailer or User-Agent.

The tool can be used in the foreground or as a demon and offers a simple real-time API for third-party components that want additional information.

Common uses of p0f include reconnaissance during penetration tests, routine network monitoring detection of unauthorized network connections in business environments, and provision of tools for prevention of abuse and various forensics medicine.

How to install via a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install p0f

Press Enter.

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