Removing Firefox Snap Manually


Removing Firefox Snap manually might be needed in some cases, when it simply will not uninstall using the snap remove command.

 I ran into trouble when trying to update Firefox Quantum, but I solved the issue and I am sharing the solution here.

This is what I needed to do.

Now if uninstalling doesn't work and you get a very long error message, try:

sudo apt-get autoremove firefox*

Press Enter,

If this doesn't work, then it is manual un-install !

Change into superuser "root":


Press Enter, enter root password and then.

cd /

Press Enter,

cd usr/opt

Press Enter, look for a firefox catalog! If there is none, then fine, but if there is, run this while in /usr/opt catalog:

rm -r firefox

Press Enter, to make sure it is gone:


Press Enter,

Now, you need to delete the links to the icons, located under the main menu and this is done by this command:

for i in {/usr,~/.local}/share/applications/*.desktop; do which $(grep -Poh '(?<=Exec=).*?( |$)' $i) > /dev/null || echo $i; done

Press Enter,

A list of all unlinked icons will appear, more than I show below, but these two are the interesting ones now:



Now to remove these if you have both:

rm /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop

Press Enter,

rm /usr/share/applications/firefox-quantum.desktop

Press Enter and then try re-installing using:

sudo snap install firefox

Press Enter, this worked for me and now I have the latest installed once again.

If you want a nice-looking theme for Firefox, you can easily find one from Firefox Themes.

Note: On first run it might take some time for it to start, but after that it starts very fast.

Now, where are files downloaded, I can't find them in Downloads?

Open a terminal window, copy and paste:


Press Enter, or use the arrow pointing down, in Firefox.

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