Social Engineering Attacks


Social engineering attacks ( Non-technical included ), involves manipulating people into giving you the information you need to login to the system.
In short: Social engineering is when you exploit the trusting nature of human beings.

Sometimes it can be a caller, requesting information while claiming to be some other person, but these days most criminals use a simple phishing e-mail.

Social engineering attacks.

It is not uncommon that hackers break into buildings, or areas containing critical information to steal computers, servers, and other valuable equipment.

Some hackers even do dumpster diving looking for intellectual property, passwords, network diagrams, or other information.

The most famous social engineering hacker of all times is probably Kevin Mitnick, known for his high-profile 1995 arrest and later five years in prison for various computer and communications-related crimes.

He used social engineering and dumpster diving.

Some free tips !

Do not write down passwords on a piece of paper and let it laying around on your desk. Important papers should always be shredded and then burned, CD/DVD's with sensitive content should be cut into pieces by a scissor before throwing it in the garbage. Remember, once you dump your garbage on the street it becomes public property.

Listed below you will find more information, which is of interest to anyone that wants to minimize the risk of being a victim.


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