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Streama - Create Your Personal NetFlix In Linux


Streama - Create Your Personal NetFlix In Linux.

Streama is a free self hosted media streaming server running on Java, that you can install on your Linux distribution. Its features are similar to those of Kodi and Plex.

Requirements: 2GB RAM, JAVA 8 - Specific ( openjdk-8-jre )

New version: v1.10.4 ( 2021 )


  • Easy media management – using drag and drop.
  • Multi user.
  • File browser.
  • Beautiful video player.
  • Open source.
  • Live sync watching remotely.
  • Related movies and shows.
  • Easy setup for both local or remote.

NOTE: Raperry Pi  is not supported.

You can play around in their hosted demo, before you decide to install it:

Live Demo: https://demo.streamaserver.org/

Username: demoUser

Password: demoUser

You will be greated by this screen:

Click user of choice or create a new one, then once you click on the user, the following screen will appear.
Naturally the selection depends on your own library. This is a screenshot from their Demo.

How to install Streama:

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre

Press Enter,

Now create a folder where you will store Streama files, like this /home/user/streama:

mkdir /home/user/streama

Press Enter,

cd /home/user/streama

Press Enter,

wget https://github.com/streamaserver/streama/releases/download/v1.6.1/streama-1.6.1.war

Press Enter and it will download the .war file, which will need to be executable.

chmod +x streama-1.6.1.war

Press Enter,

To start the Streama server:

java -jar streama-1.6.1.war

Press Enter,

Wait a bit until you this message:

Grails application running at http://localhost:8080 in environment: production

Now open your web browser and type in:


Press Enter and Streama login page should appear.

To login:

User: admin

Pass: admin

Press Enter and once logged in you need to configure some options.

Some of the more important ones:

  • Upload Directory – directory where your files will be stored. You should use the full path.
  • Base URL – the URL you will be using to access your Streama. It is already populated, but you can change it, in case you want to access Stream with a different URL.
  • Streama Title – The title of your Streama installation. Default is "Streama".

The rest of the options are not required.

Now lets go to the “Manage content” section and use the file manager to view your media files, with the Filemanager.

Upload the files you want to the previous set "Upload Directory".

Start playing around and enjoy.

Developers website


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