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SuperTuxKart V1.0 - Racing Game For Linux


SuperTuxKart V1.0 - racing game for Linux, that started as a fork of TuxKart, that was originally developed by Steve and Oliver Baker in 2000. But after they abandonded the project in 2004.

Other programmers made a fork of TuxKart in 2006, finally leading to SuperTuxKart, which is under active development by the game's community.

SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game featuring Tux and friends. It is a fun-racer game, focusing on fun and ease of play.

It features mascots of various open-source projects.

SuperTuxKart is now cross-platform, running on Linux, macOS, Windows and the Android system.

First stable release: 20th of April, 2019.

License: GNU/GPLv3.0, CC BY-SA and more permissive assets.

Size: 581,4MB


  • Race with Tux and Friends.
  • Explore several tracks.
  • Play against AI or in split-screen mode against your friends.
  • Play in various modes, including Time Trial, Grand Prix and 3 Strikes Battle.

SuperTuxKart V1.0 - racing game for Linux.

SuperTuxKart's gameplay is similar to that of the Mario Kart series, but also has distinct elements, such as collecting and using cans of Nitro.

The game features the mascots of several open source projects.

For example, Mozilla Thunderbird plays the referee, flagging the start of the race and saving players when they drive off the course.

The game supports single player, local multiplayer, WAN multiplayer, and LAN multiplayer modes. Networking modes were introduced in version 1.0.

Similarly to Warmux, the official characters are the mascots of free and open-source projects, for instance Thunderbird (Referee) (for Mozilla Thunderbird), Tux (mascot) (Linux kernel), Adiumy (Adium), Beastie (BSD), Emule (eMule), Hexley (Darwin), Pidgin (Pidgin), Suzanne (Blender), Wilber (GIMP), Gnu (GNU), Konqi (KDE), Puffy (OpenBSD), Xue (Xfce), Sara (OpenGameArt.org), Amanda (Window Maker), Kiki (Krita), and Gavroche (Media Goblin). An exception is Nolok,  who does not represent any particular open source project, but was created by the SuperTux project, as the antagonist of Tux.

The mascots for many other projects are available as add-ons from SuperTuxKart's add-ons website, including Geeko (for openSUSE), Blinky (FreeDOS), Minix (Minix 3), Chinchila (Big Buck Bunny), Gooey (WebGUI), Kitty (AROS), Python (Python), Choqok (ChoqoK), Penny and Mr. Iceblock (SuperTux), Amiga (Amiga OS), Android (Android), Audacity Girl (Audacity), Proog (Blender Foundation), Transmission (Transmission), Beagle (Beagle Desktop Search), ElePHPant (PHP), Mozilla (formerly) (Mozilla), and Buggie (Bugzilla).

Unlike Mario Kart, STK has a story associated with gameplay, similar to Crash Team Racing. Story mode is used to unlock tracks and characters for single and multi-player modes. At the beginning of story mode, Gnu, the leader of the open-source world, is captured by Nolok, the villain in STK, with his spaceship.

Nolok then visits Tux and tells him that he has kidnapped Gnu; unless Tux and his friends can defeat Nolok, the 'King of the Karts', Gnu would become his supper.

After the player defeats Nolok in Fort Magma, the final track of STK, Tux rescues Gnu from his prison.

How to install:

First download the game.

Open a terminal window:

tar xf supertuxkart-1.0-linux.tar.xz

Press Enter,

cd Downloads

Press Enter,

cd supertuxkart-1.0-linux

Press Enter,

chmod +x run_game.sh

Press Enter, then run the game.


NOTE: After you have made the file executable, you can create a symlink to your menu or desktop or just doubleclick run_game.sh

Optional: I chose NO.

Next step is to create a user and if it will be on or offline account:

Now you will come to the main menu.

I chose Singleplayer.

Next, you will choose the level of difficulty, I recommend "Novice" if you never played it before.

Choose difficulty and then game mode and start playing.

Enjoy a native Linux game, ported to Windows.

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