Tupi 2D animation software for Linux


Tupi 2D animation software for Linux.

Tupi 2D Magic for Linux is a 2D animation tool focusing on usability for children and amateur performers.

Tupi is a proliferation of KTooN, which started as a project in Cali, Colombia 2002 as an initiative of two young animators who worked at Toonka Film and Soluciones Kazak companies. They wanted to create a software that would encourage the development of the emerging 2D animation industry in Latin America at that time.

They managed to be funded by Colciencias, a public entity of the Colombian government dedicated to promoting science and technology. Later in 2003, their development was sponsored by SENA, a Colombian government institution dedicated to general education.

The release of version 0.8 was completed and the project began to become popular with users around the world, but unfortunately after problems with additional funding, the project was stopped between 2006 and 2009.

In 2009, the original creators of the project worked together with a company called Labtoon SAS to continue the project in order to make it the main project of its kind. In mid-2010, Kton's website was announced and version 0.9 of the software was released. There was a considerable redesign to the graphical interface. A new website, with a new forum and public bug trackers, was created to better serve the user community.

Then we come to the creation of Tupi, a "fork" of KTooN, and develops Gustav Gonzalez, who named his Tupi project after the Tupí people in Brazil. In 2013, Tupi ran a collection campaign to increase development and help complete version 1.0 of the project.

In 2014, they ran another project to help create a version of Tupi for Windows.

Currently, Tupi has several references to some of the most popular websites related to 2D animation software, as an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for kids, teens and amateur artists.

Latest version: 2.18 download here.

How to install in a terminal window:

cd Downloads

Press Enter.

sudo dpkg -i tupitubedesk_0.2.18_amd64.deb

Press Enter. Done

NOTE: There is an Android version available as well.

Size: 11,5MB but 446MB of disk space will be used.
Version for desktop: 0.2+git08-4

For LMDE5 users, you can use the Software Manager to install the program.

How to install via a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install tupi

Press Enter, done.

Developers website

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