Wine For Running Windows Apps Under Linux


Wine for running Windows apps under Linux is not an emulator, but a compatibility layer that can run Windows applications on multiple POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, MacOS, and BSD.

It should not be confused with a virtual machine or an emulator.

Wine provides binary compatibility, support for graphics, sound interaction, as well as support for modems, networks, scanners, tablets, keyboards, and other devices.

Instead of simulating internal Windows logic as a virtual machine or emulator, Wine Windows translates API calls to POSIX on-call conversations, eliminating performance and memory strikes of other methods, allowing you to integrate Windows programs onto your desktop on a clean way.

PlayOnLinux, Crossover, Q4Wine, Bordeaux, Pipelight, Swine, WineXS, and Winetricks are some of the most popular Wine GUI (Graphical User Interface) front-ends on Linux.

Wine for running Windows apps under Linux.

Now available in Snap Store.

Following snaps are using this snap:

  • anifx
  • anituner
  • cncra
  • cncra2yr
  • cnctsun
  • fooba2000
  • irfanview
  • leagueoflegends
  • liveforspeed
  • multicommander
  • notepad-plus-plus
  • notepad3
  • pspad
  • resourcehacker
  • utorrent
  • winsnap

License: LGPL-2.1+

Available GUI's in Debian 9 Repository: Playonlinux, Q4Wine, WineXS, Winetricks.
NOTE: Crossover needs to be purchased !

How to install a Snap package:

sudo snap install wine-platform

Press Enter, wait for it to completedownload and installation.

Note: This snap does not provide the ability to run WIN applications from itself, it only shares libraries and WINE releases PATHS that are available via content interface. Choose one of the listed GUI's above. How to install, two of my preferred GUI's, you can see below.

Developers website

How to install WineTricks:

sudo apt-get install winetricks

Press Enter,

sudo apt-get install -f

Press Enter, now run the application.

Click OK,

Choose an option and click OK.

Another option is GameOnLinux:

How to install:

sudo apt-get install gameonlinux

Press Enter, done.

This installs without missing dependencies, so no need for the -f option.


Games For Linux

Windows has always been the preferred platform for gaming, but after STEAM's interest in Linux more game developers are making their games natively available for Linux.


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