Why You Shouldn't Use Microsoft Windows11.


LMDE5 - Linux Mint Debian Edition.

LMDE5 -...

Why Should I Not Use Windows10?

Here are a...

Hardware For Linux

Hardware for Linux. Keyboards & Mouses compatible with Linux.

Linux HeadPhones

Linux headphones, isn't all that difficult to come by.

The below mentioned headsets has no Windows, MAC or Linux mark on their box, so testing is all I could do, but it worked great.

Linux headphones.

    A Brazilian brand called "Leadership" actually has better sound than some of the more expensive Logitech, to my surprise.

    Thus I bought one and a 2.1 sound system as well, which outdid Logitechs sound.


Linux OS Compatible Computers

Linux OS compatible computers.

Now it is important to understand that Linux is the "Kernel" on which the operating systems are built-on.

That is why there are so many different flavors out there, mostly Debian derivatives, where the most famous is Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Also it is wise to keep in mind that the desktop also comes in different flavors and are separetaly developed by different teams.

For Windows users looking to get rid off the spyware, I would strongly recommend Debian "Stable" with Cinnamon desktop.


Keyboards For Linux

Keyboards for Linux isn't all that easy to find in retail stores, but some do sell them.

Here we list manufacturers which has Linux 100% compatible keyboards / mouses.

Please note that only some have price tags and that these prices are considered as low or acceptable in Brazil, when buying offline.


Printers And Software For Linux

Printers and software for Linux.

A couple for years back it wasn't easy to find drivers for your printer, whether it is an inkprinter, laser or multifunction printer with scanner and fax. These days a gone. Today most printers are supported either by the manufacturer or some programmer contributing to the Linux community.

Now what you probably didn't know, whether you are a Windows user or Linux user is that your printer is equipped with tracing software, most likely originating from the U.S governments surveillance agencys.


Linux Compatible Mouses

Linux compatible mouses isn't all that easy to find in local computer stores.

You need to look for larger sized computer stores or big size stores that has a little bit of everything.

Buying Linux compatible devices locally in Brazil, depends very much on where you live and if the reseller keeps a small stock of Linux compatible mouses.


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Games For Linux

Windows has always been the preferred platform for gaming, but after STEAM's interest in Linux more game developers are making their games natively available for Linux.


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