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AI - Artificial Intelligence And How It Affects People

AI - Artificial Intelligence And How It Affects People

AI - Artificial Intelligence And How It Affects People.

Microsoft has announced it will implement their OpenAI ChatGPT to Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and more.

So what does this mean for you as a user?

Well, by implementing their ChatGPT into their Office products, it could mean that many e-mails and documents a user get or send to someone, could be written by their AI bot and not by the person, making it non-personal.

The concept of AI was created back in 1956, but its not until recent years we are seeing real working concepts.

The definition of AI is "The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages."

Google are under pressure by its own AI division to implement their solution into Google Search, but while Microsofts ChatGPT has 1 million users, Google has billions of users and if something were to go wrong, they could easily loose the trust of its users.

There are plenty of other search engines available online, many who keep your searches private and that do not sell your information.

As people are getting more and more lazy, AI will most likely start replacing people at their workplace in a near future, thus I can only assume that the unemployment statistics will keep rising.

Now for both privacy and security reasons, I don't have any Alexa, Google Android TV, Google Assistant, LG ThinkQ or any other thing that would be part of a Smart Home.

An example:

My Panasonic TV which is only 2 years old, broke down two times during the warranty and shortly after the warranty ended for the third time, plus the software was buggy. So I went hunting for a new TV, but it turned out to be very difficult finding a Smart TV, without Alexa, Google or ThinkQ.

My only option in the end was to buy an old model from 2016, which only supports H264, but H265 via LAN. It is also funny, that such an old model costs so much more than these newer ones with AI.

I know people think it is so cool with command voice controls, but what most people either do not know or fully understand is that everything you say is being recorded and sent over to the manufacturer, who then will use this information as they see fit.

But AI doesn't stop there, you have the self driving cars, which are under development and you can read about the levels of automation here.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines six levels of vehicle driving automation system. Right now, we're at level two, with cars able to control steering, acceleration and braking, while still requiring drivers to remain engaged. Down the road, level 5 autonomy would mean fully driverless cars.

Once they get to level five, there will be no need for UBER drivers or Taxi drivers, thus I assume that there will be mass layoffs. But hey it is cool right?

Not that I would ever get into a driver less car.

Hospitals on the other hand are less interested in implementing AI technology, for several reasons, including but not limited to potential layoffs.


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