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BitCoin Blockchain Infected With Child Abuse Images


BitCoin Blockchain Infected With Child Abuse Images.

This happened for the first time back in 2018, thus four years ago and nobody still knows who did it.

Why this is a problem if you are a BitCoin owner, it illegal to possess images where children are being abused.

One key feature of the blockchain is that information added to it cannot be changed without significant effort.

Payment system Money Button said its service had been used to post the illegal images on the BSV blockchain in early February.

Now for one , UK laws state that the simple possession of indecent photographs of children is an offence and any distribution of such material can warrant a longer prison sentence.

But they aren't the only country that has laws against this.

BitCoin was for quite some time the criminals go to payment method, but it has changed over time, because of BitCoins traceability.

The abuse images embedded in the BSV blockchain were spotted when they appeared on Bitcoinfiles.org.

The appearance of the images prompted police to investigate. Bitcoinfiles.org has since closed the blockchain browsing service.

Using BitCoin "They have all the information they need to track down criminals and prosecute them."

Blockchain researcher Roman Matzutt, from the University of Aachen, in Germany, who has studied the problem of people uploading illegal content to the blockchain, warned it had become a "pressing issue".


Be careful with investing alot in BitCoin, there are other crypto coins available for you to invest in, that cost much less and still has the ability to rise to the same levels as Bitcoin has ( did ).


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