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Cybercriminal Gang Has German Cops On Their Payroll


Cybercriminal Gang Has German Cops On Their Payroll.

Atlas Intelligence Group, also known as the Atlantis Cyber Army,claims to have German police officers on their payroll, adding yet another service offered.

They should be looking at Brazil and Paraguay for starters...

They said that they can with the help of their "Police" friends lookup anyone in the system.

The price for said service costs: €500 Euro per single request ( individual ).

Atlas is versatile and well-connected. Its services start from leaked – mostly government-related – databases selling at 15 euros apiece and distributed-denial-of-service attacks for 20 euros a victim, ranging up to more than $1,000 for hacked control panels and initial access to larger-scale targets such as corporations.

A cyber mastermind is behind it, experts say:

Cyber experts believe that there is one "Mastemind" behind this operation, using Cyber Mercenaries for the attacks.

Atlas Intelligence Group are recruiting new talents and one of their ads specifies a certain skill wanted.

“The group often recruit individuals with certain capabilities that they will have to reuse, and everyone gets involved in the campaign.”

For example: Wanted a spear phisher with university-level knowledge of psychology for social-engineering purposes.

Apparently Atlas uses three channels on Telegram, a messaging app popular with hacktivists and black-hat hackers.

I do wonder why? This app is actively leaking information to governments.

The group uses these channels to find Red teamers, social engineers, malware developers and information on certain individuals.

According to CyberINT, the mastemind behind this group is "called Mr.Eagle" and he is the one providing his employees with ready made "exploit kits" and other code they can use.

Rapid Growth in 2022:

The group is growing and focuses on government and other state assets.

Atlas seems to be growing rapidly and expanding its operations, allowing them to offer a variety of services, like Doxxing which is a practice I really detest, unless it serves a true purpose.

Example: "Like when Anonymous doxxed "Sara Fernanda Giromini", known as Sara Winter for publishing the name of a poor raped young girl, which was raped by her uncle to make an abortion at Hospital Das Clinicas, Vítoria-ES. The hospital denied doing the abortion and the girl was transferred to another state."

Note: some of this information is not included in CyberINT's report.

Read more at CyberINT


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