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LMDE5 Mint updates will be posted separately from the Debian 11 updates, which are fetched automatically from their live feed under "Security Info Tab".

19 July 2022

Netflix launches feature to fight freeloaders.

The streaming giant suggests that 30 million families in Canada and the US and over 100 million households worldwide violate their policy by sharing accounts.

Neflix experienced a subscriber loss for the first time in a decade...

19 July 2022

OpenDocument Malware Campaign against hotels using free office applications as LibreOffice.

HP Wolf Security uncovered an unusually stealthy malware campaign that used OpenDocument text (.odt) files to distribute malware targeting the hotel industry in Latin America.


19 July 2022

FBI Warning - Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Steal Your Coins in 2022.

Cyber criminals has started to create rogue cryptocurrency-themed Android apps to defraud investors from their virtual assets. Always do research, before downloading...

19 July 2022

INTEL CPU Prices Will Rise 2022.

INTEL which is one of the biggest semiconductor companies, is about to raise its CPU prices by 20% in all of its product catalogs in 2022.

This means both the consumer and enterprise customers will face a...

19 July 2022

Linux Kernel 5.19 In Development.

The latest stable kernel is 5.18 which was released May 22,2022 and the latest version 5.19 is expected to be released by the end of July, 2022.

The final release of Linux kernel 5.19 is expected somewhere at the end of...

16 July 2022

Do not install Sophos Antivirus 9 on your Debian 11 or LMDE5.

The product is EOL and while it seems still to update, it will afterwards prevent you from accessing the Internet.

There are still several Linux web sites in 2022 recommending this...

14 July 2022

Retbleed Execution Attack Affects AMD and Intel CPUs for Linux.

Retbleed (CVE-2022-29900 and CVE-2022-29901) is a number of speculative execution attacks that exploit branch target injection to leak information, which is called Spectre-BTI.

The Retbleed...

9 July 2022

Murena One - First Privacy Android Phone using /e/OS.

Do you value your privacy or is it okey with you that many people has access to all and everything you do online?

Below you will find out how much it cost, which...

9 July 2022

Debian 11 Linux and LMDE5 Kernel Update to V5.10.127-1.

New kernel release for Debian 11 "Bullseye" and LMDE5 users.

Previous version: 5.10.120-1.

Note: Update available in Update Manager.


7 July 2022

Are you a Tik Tok user? Well here is some news for you.

I know that the social sharing media is a great success amongst people with nothing to do with their lives, including some of my family members, sad to say.

However, European users will get a nice...



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