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Why Should I Not Use Windows10?

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4 November 2021

How To Use Branding to Better Your Business.

Branding is essential to business success and growth, but many people feel uncertainty around the concept. Branding doesn’t have to be some sort of elusive thing, though. It essentially is your business’s values and how they translate across...

9 June 2021

Top ways to make your app a better experience for your customers.

Are you ready to go beyond the web with a mobile app? Great! Customers love having an easy way to interact with their favorite businesses. But you can’t go into the process without having a fundamental...

3 June 2021

IT or computer science? What to know about entering these fields and building a successful career.

The technology sector in today's society is booming. As of 2019, only seven percent of people in the United States...

13 May 2021

The New Normal: Must-Have Tech for Small Business.

Technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate in many aspects of our lives, from education to the way we shop and seek entertainment. In a society transformed by technology, it makes sense that business should be...

30 April 2021

New malware found lurking in 64-bit Linux installs.

A Linux backdoor recently discovered by researchers...

30 April 2021

U.S government probes vpn hack within federal agencies, races to find clues.

For at least the third time since the beginning of this year, the U.S....

30 April 2021

EU adopts rules on one-hour takedowns for terrorist content.

The European Parliament approved a new law on terrorist content takedowns yesterday,...

11 April 2021

Attackers can now remotely deactivate WhatsApp on your phone.

"Using just your phone number, a remote attacker can...

2 April 2021

AMD Zen 3 CPUs vulnerable to Spectre-like attacks via PSF feature.

U.S chipmaker AMD advised customers last week to disable a new performance feature...

16 March 2021

Encrypted messaging app Signal appears to be blocked in China.

Encrypted messaging app Signal...

5 March 2021

Three top Russian cybercrime forums hacked.

Over the past few weeks, three of the longest running and most venerated Russian-language online forums...

2 March 2021

EU law requires companies to fix electronic goods for up to 10 years.

Companies that sell refrigerators, washers, hairdryers, or TVs in the European...

1 March 2021

Linux Mint developers will force updates on users like Microsoft does with Windows 10.

Last month, the Linux Mint team published a post on the...

1 March 2021

First fully weaponized Spectre exploit discovered online.

A fully weaponized exploit for the Spectre CPU vulnerability was uploaded on the malware-...

1 March 2021

Go malware is now common, having been adopted by both APTs and e-crime groups.

The number of malware strains coded in the Go programming language has...

24 February 2021

Google sponsors 2 full-time devs to improve Linux security.

Worried about the security of Linux and open-source code, Google is...

23 February 2021

Software bug keeping hundreds of inmates in Arizona prisons beyond release dates.

According to Arizona Department of Corrections whistleblowers,...

23 February 2021

Firefox's total cookie protection aims to stop tracking between multiple sites.

As part of its war on web tracking, Mozilla is adding a new tool to...

20 February 2021

Linux is now on Mars, thanks to NASA's perseverance rover.

"When NASA's Perseverance rover landed on Mars this week,...

20 February 2021

Top banks join Linux and open-source patent protection group.

When it comes to defending the intellectual property (IP) rights of Linux and open-...



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