Facebook Bug Exposed Anonymous Admins


Facebook bug exposed anonymous admins.

Facebook Pages give public figures, businesses, and other entities a presence on Facebook that isn't tied to an individual profile.

The accounts behind those pages are anonymous unless a Page owner opts to make the admins public.

Facebook bug exposed anonymous admins.

You can't see, for example, the names of the people who post to Facebook on WIRED's behalf.

But a bug that was live from Thursday evening until Friday morning allowed anyone to easily reveal the accounts running a Page, essentially doxing anyone who posted to one

All software has flaws, and Facebook quickly pushed a fix for this one, but not before word got around on message boards like 4chan, where people posted screenshots that doxed the accounts behind prominent pages.

All it took to exploit the bug was opening a target page and checking the edit history of a post.

Facebook mistakenly displayed the account or accounts that made edits to each post, rather than just the edits themselves.

Facebook says the bug was the result of a code update that it pushed Thursday evening.

Facebook points out that no information beyond a name and public profile link were available, but that information isn't supposed to appear in the edit history at all.

And for people, say, running anti-regime Pages under a repressive government, making even that much information public is plenty alarming.

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