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Firefox, Tor Browser, Tails Users Upgrade Now


Firefox, Tor Browser, Tails Users Upgrade Now.

A security vulnerability was discovered in the JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser.

This vulnerability allows a malicious website to bypass some of the security built in Tor Browser and access information from other websites. This vulnerability doesn't break the anonymity and encryption of Tor connections.

Although: The Safest security level of Tor Browser is not affected because JavaScript is disabled at this security level.

I recommend you update the following products:

  • Firefox
  • Firefox ESR
  • Firefox for Android
  • Thunderbird
  • Tails OS to V5.1
  • Tor Browser to version "11.0.13"

Security vulnerabilities have been fixed in:

Firefox 100.0.2, Firefox for Android 100.3.0, Firefox ESR 91.9.1, Thunderbird 91.9.1.

CVE-2022-1802: Prototype pollution in Top-Level Await implementation

If an attacker was able to corrupt the methods of an Array object in JavaScript via prototype pollution, they could have achieved execution of attacker-controlled JavaScript code in a privileged context.

CVE-2022-1529: Untrusted input used in JavaScript object indexing, leading to prototype pollution

An attacker could have sent a message to the parent process where the contents were used to double-index into a JavaScript object, leading to prototype pollution and ultimately attacker-controlled JavaScript executing in the privileged parent process.

Always keep your system OS and its software up-to-date !!!


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