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Gerber VS Twitter.Inc Lawsuit For Leaking Users Identity

Gerber VS Twitter.Inc Lawsuit For Leaking Users Identity

Gerber VS Twitter.Inc Lawsuit For Leaking Users Identity.

As many probably knows by know is that Twitter was first compromised in June, 2021 leading to a leak of 5.4 Million users identitys, emails etc.

The only thing that was missing in this leak was the users passwords.

Then in December, 2022 a much larger leak was posted online...

New larger leak posted online:

Months later a much larger leak happened in December, 2022 with at least 200M ~ users accounts leaked. Since the leak was not a complete JSON file as the first leak, there is no way to actually 100% verify that it originates from Twitter, although it most likely does.

Twitter denies the data comes from their systems, but the hackers claims it does and in the midst of all this are users leaked information.

Investigating a leak and confirming it, is so much easier when the complete original dump is leaked and not a redacted one.

However, Elon Musk is now facing a class action lawsuit filed from one of its users in January, 2023, but hold on, there might be others wanting to sue Twitter as well.

Stephen Gerber, used an anonymous Twitter username, but like many he did not use an anonymous email address, thus it was easily linked to his Twitter handle.

The lawsuit reads: "This is not only a violation of Twitter’s Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”), and, therefore, Twitter’s Terms of Service, but also violates a 2011 agreement between Twitter and the United States Federal Trade Commission,”

Here is the Gerber v.Twitter.Inc lawsuit for anyone interested in reading the 24 pages.

Although nothing has happened yet regarding the older 5.4 Million leak, Twitter has come under scrutiny by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) over the API flaw that ended up losing the data of 5.4m users last June, 2021.

Lets see what happens.


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