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Hacker Group Anonymous Sudan Attacking German Sites

Hacker Group Anonymous Sudan Attacking German Sites

Hacker Group Anonymous Sudan Attacking German Sites.

Killnets leader using the alias "Killmilk" has posted an order for its members, who are pro-Russian to attack the german arms manufacturer "Rheinmetall" after finding out that, they are planning on opening a subsidiary in Ukraine.

March 04, Rheinmetall’s CEO Armin Papperger said the German manufacturer was setting up a tank factory in Ukraine, that could produce as many as 400 Panther tanks per year.

Listed as members of Killnet are: Anonymous Russian, Anonymous Sudan, PHOENIX, Infinity Hackers, Писарь из Штаба, Kill Delta, Killnet Team and it seems he left an open invitation for other lone hackers as well to join in.

Points of their coming DDoS attacks are listed below:

With some threat actors ( script-kiddies ), who are usually the ones that uses DDoS attacks to target organizations, knocking sites offline for a few hours to max two days.

This makes you wonder to how effective this kind of cyberattack really is in the long run?

In some cases, it is just a mere annoyance for the site owner, but in some cases depending on if the business is 100% dependent on being online 24h/7 it could mean the company will be bleeding a lot of money.

Businesses that currently do not use protection services against DDoS attacks, are likely to signup for Cloudflare DDoS mitigation services.

Professional hackers could launch a DDoS attack just to make the target focus on mitigating this attack, while other members of the hackers team find a way into the targets system, exfiltrating data, encrypting parts of the system or wiping it clean.

At the time of writing, there seems like no attack has been launched yet by Anonymous Sudan, giving the company time to prepare for it.

Thu March 09, still nothing new except for a post on their Telegram channel: "We know we haven't attacked anything more, we make everything ready for the strong attack, you will see everything soon"

Friday March 10....

Saturday March 11...

Rheinmetall Official Website


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