How Young Adults with Disabilities Can Secure Career Success in Business


How Young Adults with Disabilities Can Secure Career Success in Business.

Young adults with disabilities are finding more and more opportunities opening for them as workplaces become more disability friendly. And one area in which many persons with disabilities are achieving notable success is that of business. Whether you’re pursuing a career in management or thinking of creating your own startup, the business world can be an excellent arena in which to pursue your dreams and put your unique skills to work. provides some advice that can help those with physical or mental disabilities, including autism.

Young adults with disabilities tend to thrive as entrepreneurs.

If you are a young adult with a disability and thinking of working in business, you may worry that this is too risky a venture.  You may wonder if you’re taking on too much or if there will be any communal support for an entrepreneur or business administrator like you. So, you should take comfort in knowing that many successful business people today are living with disabilities, and their disabilities are not holding them back. In fact, Commercial Capital notes that in recent years, the percentage of people with disabilities who successfully started their own businesses has been higher than that of the general populace that did.

Why starting your own business is an appealing option for those with disabilities.

One major reason why business ownership is an attractive choice for those with disabilities is that it offers them increased flexibility and the freedom to set their own hours. In addition, those who are frustrated with trying to find disability-friendly workplaces may simply decide that it makes more sense to create their own. For those who have faced discrimination in the workforce, starting their own business gives them the opportunity to pursue their career goals and monetize their talents without having to deal with daily microaggressions and prejudice.

People with disabilities who are intent on giving back to their communities often find entrepreneurship a rewarding way to do so. In particular, it allows them to create a positive space for others with disabilities in the workforce.

Entrepreneurs with disabilities are successful in a wide range of fields.

Having a disability means that you have additional challenges to surmount in your pursuit of business success, but these challenges should not mean that doors are closed to you. Any business that can be imagined as successful can be imagined as successful when run by a person with a disability. This includes such obvious choices as accounting, web design, and editing businesses – but also includes event planning, engineering, fashion design, and welding

Sometimes, to counterbalance the challenges, people with disabilities may have strengths that others lack, such as the ability to empathize with others. These strengths can also set them up to excel in various business careers, such as management or human resources.

Education can help those contemplating entrepreneurships.

Any would-be entrepreneur, whether with a disability or not, can benefit from increased education, experience, and training. An online degree in an IT-related field can make a significant difference in preparing you for leadership and honing your technical skills. Consider going back to school to pursue a degree in information systems to build on your existing skills and learning. Some of the most lucrative fields of study for IT-minded individuals include cybersecurity, data analytics, and IT management.

Entrepreneurship can be the impetus for more independence.

More often lately, The Conversation points out that many young adults have chosen to live at home with their parents. This makes sense if you’re trying to save money or if you need assistance at home. However, if you are able to live independently, entrepreneurship can be the nudge you need to strike out on your own. Having your own place will be especially beneficial if you’re launching a home-based business.

The importance of mentorship.

Many early-career entrepreneurs find internship and mentorship programs to be helpful, too. You can find useful information about these programs through a variety of organizations, both government-funded and private, which assist young adults with disabilities in finding great internship opportunities. A good internship can be a great way to land your first job in business or to forge connections that can help you should you opt to start your own company. Also consider seeking the mentorship of a seasoned business professional who has also experienced disability.
While many workplaces still have a long way to go when it comes to perfect disability accessibility, having persons with disabilities in positions of influence can be a powerful force forchange. So when you decide to pursue your dreams of a successful business career, you are making a move that will benefit not only yourself, but your larger community and other individuals with disabilities who will be inspired by you. is your information source for Debian Linux Stable, known as the king of Linux distributions and is the most popular Linux Server Distro at present. Contact us for more info!

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