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LMDE5 Mint updates will be posted separately from the Debian 11 updates, which are fetched automatically from their live feed under "Security Info Tab".

28 June 2022

Pix App The Brazilian instant payment leaked data three times

It is a payment method created by the Central Bank (BC) in which funds are transferred between accounts in a few seconds, at any time or day.

Pix was created to be a complete payment method. Any payment or...

28 June 2022

Russian hacker group TA505 had a server in Stockholm, Sweden.

Following an anonymous tip, the police have discovered that an international cybercrime network has stored one of its servers in Hägersten in Stockholm.

The server was seized in May 2021, by the...

25 June 2022

Telegram shares your data with Federal Police 2022, according to the Spiegel newspaper.

Telegram who are located in Dubai, are supposedly providing the German Federal Criminal Police Office with user information in several cases, contradicting the company’s statements about...

23 June 2022

Chromium browser update V.103.0.5060.53.

Chromium is a free and open-source web browser project, principally developed and maintained by Google. The Chromium code base is widely used. Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, Opera and many other browsers are based on the...

21 June 2022

Update Manager Updated to 5.8.4.

Update Manager provides your operating system with software and security updates.

It is recommend you apply this update !

Security updates: Apply security patches and keep your computer...

20 June 2022

AptUrl Mint Update 20/06/22 for LMDE5.

AptUrl is a simple graphical application that takes an URL (which follows the apt-protocol) as a command line option.

It parses it and carries out the operations that the URL describes (that is, it...

5 June 2022

Firefox, Tor Browser, Tails Users Upgrade Now.

A security vulnerability was discovered in the JavaScript engine of Firefox and Tor Browser.

This vulnerability allows a malicious website to bypass some of the security built in Tor Browser and access information from...

31 May 2022

What's happening @ Linuxexperten 2022.

Layout of the site:

Will remain the same for now, there are no plans for any major changes of the layout until next year 2023.

2022 - Tutorials & reviews will be translated into...

12 May 2022

How to Integrate Digital Technology into Your E-Commerce Business.

Digital technology is quickly becoming the future of e-commerce, and there are plenty of ways to integrate digital technology into your e-commerce business. For example, if you sell handmade goods, you can...

12 April 2022

Finally Ready to Move Forward Growing Your Business? Here Are Easy Ways to Do It.

If you are a first-time business owner that’s finally getting into the swing of things, you may be ready to enter what we call a growth phase. This is a time in your business’s life where...

25 March 2022

How Young Adults with Disabilities Can Secure Career Success in Business.

Young adults with disabilities are finding more and more opportunities opening for them as workplaces become more disability friendly. And one area in which many persons with disabilities are...

13 March 2022

Strategies for Buying a New Home and Launching a Successful Business.

If you plan to launch an at-home business, you are part of a growing trend. Recent statistics show that close to...

14 February 2022

10 Tips for Starting a Small Business.

Did you start a new small business? Congratulations! You're joining the ranks of entrepreneurs who are brave enough to take on the unknowns and make their luck. But it's not always easy. Small business owners are always passionate...

21 January 2022

Tips for Building a Successful and Happy Team of Freelancers.

As a business owner, you know the importance of hiring and retaining a team of qualified and valuable employees. And even if you're a fledgling entrepreneur, you still know the value of one or two staff members...

21 December 2021

Quick Tips for Garnering a Loyal Customer Base.

No matter what kind of small business you run, attracting new customers is important. But it’s not as important as retaining the customers you already have. Not only is it expensive to gain new customers, but repeat...

4 November 2021

How To Use Branding to Better Your Business.

Branding is essential to business success and growth, but many people feel uncertainty around the concept. Branding doesn’t have to be some sort of elusive thing, though. It essentially is your business’s values and how they translate across...

9 June 2021

Top ways to make your app a better experience for your customers.

Are you ready to go beyond the web with a mobile app? Great! Customers love having an easy way to interact with their favorite businesses. But you can’t go into the process without having a fundamental...

3 June 2021

IT or computer science? What to know about entering these fields and building a successful career.

The technology sector in today's society is booming. As of 2019, only seven percent of people in the United States...

13 May 2021

The New Normal: Must-Have Tech for Small Business.

Technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate in many aspects of our lives, from education to the way we shop and seek entertainment. In a society transformed by technology, it makes sense that business should be...

30 April 2021

New malware found lurking in 64-bit Linux installs.

A Linux backdoor recently discovered by researchers...



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