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28 April 2019

Only 10% of Twitter users create 80% of the tweets.

The median user in the top 10% by tweet volume creates 138 tweets per month, "favorites" 70 posts per month, follows 456 accounts, and has 387 followers.

By comparison, the median user in the bottom...

26 April 2019

Google bans apps developer DO Global from Playstore, after discovering that the company was committing ad fraud.

"As of today, ...

26 April 2019

U.S attorney general investigating Facebooks email collection.

The inquiry concerns a practice unearthed in April, when a security researcher using a pseudononymos , discovered...

25 April 2019

LG halts phone manufacturing in South Korea, for now.

Tthe South Korean electronics and phone company, is relocating their mobile...

25 April 2019

Wireless carriers fight ban on throttling firefighters during emergencies.

The U.S. mobile industry's top lobbying group is opposing a proposed California state law, that would...

25 April 2019

WordPress Social Warfare plugin exploits, discovered by Unit 42 researchers.

Two vulnerabilities were disclosed in Social Warfare plugin, a very popular plugin in WordPress which adds social share buttons to a website or blog.

One vulnerability is a Stored Cross-site Scripting...

25 April 2019

Fifteen thousand fraudulent e-store websites, or actually they were affiliate e-store websites taken down from GoDaddy, a webhosting company with more than 9000 employees and offices worldwide.

These scamsites, sold...

25 April 2019

Facebook breached Canadian laws, in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia said the Menlo Park,...

25 April 2019

Microsoft Windows 7 displaying EOL warning messages.

Windows 7 users have started to report the appearance of a pop-up message from Microsoft informing them that support for the operating...

25 April 2019

ShadowHammer targeting multiple companies.

ASUS was not the only company targeted by supply-chain attacks during the ShadowHammer hacking operation as discovered by Kaspersky, with at least six other organizations having been infiltrated by the attackers.

As further found out by...

25 April 2019

UK contracts Huawei Firm to help build 5G network.

The british government has given the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei the go-ahead to supply equipment for their 5G data network.

The company will help build some "non-core" parts such as antennas, but these plans have...

25 April 2019

Security flaw lets attackers recover private keys from Qualcomm chips.

Devices using Qualcomm chipsets, especially smartphones and tablets, are vulnerable to ...

25 April 2019

NSA recommends dropping phone-surveillance program.

The National Security Agency has recommended that the White House abandon a surveillance program that collects information about...

25 April 2019

FBI are dropping child porn cases, so that they don't have to reveal their surveillance systems in place.

The Department of...

24 April 2019

ICANN is proposing allowing unlimited fee increases for .org domain names, which currently are allowed to increase...

24 April 2019

Google Play Host Malicious Lifestyle Apps.

A total of 50 malicious apps managed to bypass Google's security checks again and land on the Google Play store.

This time it has lead to millions of installs on Android devices.

These are adware apps that attempts to lure victims...

24 April 2019

Microsoft blocks Windows 10 May 2019 update.

The latest coming update might not install on your system if you are using...

24 April 2019

Engineers Develop Colorful Printed Patch That Hides People From AI.

A group of engineers from the University of KU Leuven in Belgium have come up ...

23 April 2019

Pioneer Edition FreedomBox home servers announced yesterday on the 22nd of April, 2019 that it was proud to announce that sales of the first commercially available FreedomBox.

The FreedomBox system and 100% of the software inside of it are based in the Debian ecosystem....

22 April 2019

NIH, FBI accuse Chinese scientists of running shadow labs and sending IP to China.

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas has forced out three senior researchers with ties to China.

The move comes amid nationwide investigations by federal officials into whether researchers are...



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