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22 April 2019

WiFi Finder exposed 2 million Wi-Fi network password.

The app, downloaded by thousands of users, allowed anyone to search for Wi-Fi networks in their nearby area.

An app...

22 April 2019

JetBlue Airways uses facial recognition to board its passengers.

JetBlue Airways Corporation, stylized as jetBlue, is an American low-cost airline headquartered in New York City.

A boarding technology for travelers using JetBlue is causing...

22 April 2019

Amazon requires delivery drivers facial photo, to prevent fraudulent behavior.

The new requirements appeared on the Amazon Flex app to drivers, notifying them that they needed to take a selfie before continuing work.

Naturally, Amazon warns drivers to "not take a selfie while...

22 April 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone release delayed.

The Galaxy Fold phone priced at nearly $2,000 and the industry's first mainstream foldable-screen device, was supposed to hit shelves this week in the U.S.

However problems with phones being used by reviewers have changed those plans...

22 April 2019

Zuckerberg-funded school programs, not a success amongst U.S students.

Public schools near Wichita rolled out a web-based platform and curriculum from Summit Learning about eight months ago.

The Silicon Valley-based program promotes an educational approach called “...

22 April 2019

EU will create gigantic biometrics database.

The European Parliament voted last week to interconnect a series of border-control, migration, and law enforcement systems into a gigantic, biometrics-tracking, searchable database of EU and non-EU citizens.

This new database will be...

22 April 2019

Social media influencer awaiting sentence, for a very stupid crime.

In June 2017, Adams enlisted his cousin to break into the domain owner's home and force him to transfer it.

The cousin drove to the domain owner's house and provided a demand note, which contained "a series of...

22 April 2019

U.S. Intelligence Claims Huawei Chinese State Funded.

The CIA accused Huawei of receiving funding from China’s National Security Commission, the People’s Liberation Army and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network.

U.S. intelligence claims Huawei chinese state...

21 April 2019

Linux Kernel 5.2 Introduces Fieldbus Subsystem which should debut in July, 2019.

Fieldbus is a set of network protocols for real-time distributed control of automated industrial systems.

Fieldbus is used for connecting different systems/components/instruments within industrial...

20 April 2019

Mozilla will enable hyperlink ping tracking in Firefox, making their browser equal to Google™ Chrome and Microsoft™ Edge. Thus, since Mozilla is slowly changing their goal of freedom into slavery.

Luckily, they have made their source code open and free, giving us the users the option to...

20 April 2019

Microsoft Edge subverts IE security was discovered having a strange and unexpected behavior in Windows 10, that allows remote...

20 April 2019

Weather channel ransomware attack disrupted the broadcast of a live weather news service on the 18th of April, during the morning broadcast.

The attack came during extreme weather in southeastern United States, bringing storm winds and flooding in the...

20 April 2019

Sensitive Mexican embassy documents leaked, including databases leaked after a hacker stole thousands from Mexico’s embassy in Guatemala and posted them online.

The hacker going under the alias 0x55Taylor ,...

20 April 2019

Instagram hides like counts, in a leaked design prototype.

Instagram's Android code is hiding a design change that hides the number of likes your posts get. "During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets," the company says.


20 April 2019

French Government Releases Tchap, an inhouse solution to be used by its employees.

The app was officially developed by DINSIC (Interministerial Directorate of Digital and Information System and Communication of the State), under the supervision of ANSSI, France's National Cybersecurity...

19 April 2019

Utah police banned from searching digital data without a warrant.

The state Utah has become the first in the nation to ban...

19 April 2019

PA addiction center leaked patient records online, like patients names and detailed treatments connected to 145,000 people.

An independent security researcher Justin Paine, found an open ElasticSearch database belonging to the PA addiction center, using...

19 April 2019

Windows8 Updates Ending In July 2019, after giving its users sufficient time to adjust and recommend them to update to Windows10.

The first release of Windows8 was in October 2012 and Windows8.1 in August 2013.

Microsoft notified its users on...

19 April 2019

Harddrive shipments fell first quarter of 2019, 18% since last year.

All major harddrive vendors with WDC being the most affected with...

19 April 2019

Apple iOS Users Affected By Google Chrome Security Bug.

The U.S focused eGobbler gang attacks are exploiting an unpatched Google Chrome bug and so far over half a billion users have been hit, but the numbers are expected to grow.

Session-hijacking cybercriminals are serving up...



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