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LMDE5 Mint updates will be posted separately from the Debian 11 updates, which are fetched automatically from their live feed under "Security Info Tab".

29 July 2022

NordVPN Update Linux Software V3.14.2.

NordVPN protects your privacy online and lets access media content without regional restrictions. Strong encryption and no-log policy with 5000+ servers in 60+ countries.

Total size: 25 MB


28 July 2022

Cyberstalking - Most Affected Countries US, Brazil, Russia.

Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also...

27 July 2022

CosmicStrand UEFI Firmware Rootkit 2022.

A new kind of sophisticated Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware rootkit called CosmicStrand has been found by experts, who says that its an unknown Chinese-speaking threat actor behind it.

An early...

27 July 2022

New Drupal 7.91 - 9.4 Releases - Security Update.

This release fixes serious security vulnerabilities in Drupal core. All Drupal site owners are urged to update immediately "after reading the important information" below.

26 July 2022

Debian 11 Linux, LMDE5 Kernel Update 5.10.127-2.

The Linux Kernel is responsible for hardware and drivers support, with each update more are added together with bug fixes and added security.

New kernel release for Debian 11 "Bullseye" and LMDE5...

25 July 2022

Cloud Users Permission Settings Opens Up For Larger Attack Surface.

Unit 42 researchers did analyze over 680,000 identities across 18,000 cloud accounts from 200 different organizations and found that 99% of these cloud users, roles and service accounts were overly...

24 July 2022

Black Hat SEO Techniques for marketing your site.

BlackHat SEO marketing is an unethical practice of search engine optimization, but could improve a site’s position in search results using methods that are banned or not approved by the search engines.


22 July 2022

Costa Rican Government Cyber-attack Revealed.

The attackers are known as "Conti" a ransomware group that can be found on the Dark Web, began their attack on April 11th, 2022.

Their entry was a compromised VPN-account, so don't share your...

22 July 2022

BitCoin Blockchain Infected With Child Abuse Images.

This happened for the first time back in 2018, thus four years ago and nobody...

22 July 2022

Oracle Made Public Security Vulnerability CVE-2022-21505 for Linux Kernel 5.19.

Which was a trivial bypass to the Linux kernel's lockdown mode, which has now been fixed.

The Linux Lockdown security module is used most often with UEFI Secure Boot but can be...

22 July 2022

Timeshift Taken Over By Linux Mint Developers.

The program used to make system back-ups/snapshots, which is easy to use has been abandoned by its original developer and the responsability of its future now rests with the Linux Mint developers.

This is old news from...

21 July 2022

Cybercriminal Gang Has German Cops On Their Payroll.

Atlas Intelligence Group, also known as the Atlantis Cyber Army,claims to have German police officers on their payroll, adding yet another service offered.

They should be looking at Brazil and Paraguay...

21 July 2022

Mother sexually abused 11-year-old in Santa Maria de Jetibá-ES, Brazil.

The 33-year-old woman was arrested for selling naked photos of her own daughter to a man pedophile, a resident of Contagem, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, since the girl was 6 years old....

21 July 2022

Aunt sexually abused 9-year-old in Vitória-ES, Brazil.

An investigation began after the 27 year old Brazilian woman stored and shared images related to child sexual abuse and exploitation over the internet.

After a report made by The National Center for...

21 July 2022

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Social Media.

In these days, many if not almost everyone is using some kind of social media app or website, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Truth Social.

Lots of people wanting to be seen by other people, recognized and met with approval....

21 July 2022

Chromium browser update 103.0.5060.134.

Chromium is a free and open-source web browser project, principally developed and maintained by Google. The Chromium code base is widely used. Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, Opera and many other browsers are based on the Chromium code....

21 July 2022

European Commission sued by a German citizen.

A German citizen is suing the European Commission for transferring citizens data from one of the Commission’s websites to the United States, in contradiction with their own passed laws.

What a twist of irony, isn't it?...

20 July 2022

Cryptomining gang 8220 exploits Linux and cloud app vulnerabilities.

The gang that has been active since 2017 is considered low-skilled and focuses on infecting AWS, Azure, GCP, Alitun and QCloud hosts after targeting publicly available systems running vulnerable versions of Apache...

19 July 2022

Live Updating A Linux Kernel With NO-Reboot.

This would only apply if you are running a server, which is critical you keep online and it ain't free.

I would recommend former KernelCare ( TuxCare ), developed by CloudLinux, that launched in 2014 if...

19 July 2022

Netflix launches feature to fight freeloaders.

The streaming giant suggests that 30 million families in Canada and the US and over 100 million households worldwide violate their policy by sharing accounts.

Neflix experienced a subscriber loss for the first time in a decade...



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