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inGaia Imob Brazil 2022 Database For Sale On Hacker Forum

inGaia Imob Brazil 2022 Database For Sale On Hacker Forum

inGaia Imob Brazil 2022 Database For Sale On Hacker Forum.

inGaia Imob is a dashboard in which all functions of a real estate agency are integrated. The purpose of the software is to make all the routines run within a single system, in a very simple and intuitive way.

Amongst them are:

  • Actions related to customers.
  • Calls
  • Real estate registration.

In addition, there is also integration for brand management with RD Station and the CMS site, always focusing on making life easier for professionals and managers.

The sellers ( yes ) sellers, which means its possible that neither of them are the original hacker of this leak.

First seller is using the alias "PieWithNothing" and has confirmed he sold one copy for $500USD ( R$2650 ).

Brokers 390,000 records with passwords included:

Names, RG ( ID number ) which is very bad having leaked online, for together with CPF, date of birth and the rest, they can take out loans or credit cards in your name or business. E-mails are also included in the leak for sale.

It is also likely that the phonenumbers are still valid, because it is a business.

Examples edited:

active additional_document additional_document_type agency_active agency_id birth_date birth_day birth_month created_at creci creci_type creci_type_id document document_type email full_name id mobile_phone name networks office_id password phone photo profile profile_id social_security_number team_id updated_at user_agreement_date user_validation_first_access_at user_validation_latest_access_at validated_email validated_mobile_phone validated_phone websites

true 2963438xx RG true 43669 1998-11-10 10 11 2021-04-19T15:40:41.883 12345 Corretor 1 brenda.caldas@xxx Brenda Caldas Pereira de Farias 379650 (21) 99585-6975 Brenda Caldas [] 56972 0gsmhylb4cK+M6DBAbc8/A== (21) 3505-0500 http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/PhPef5OQDGvjrBeOrg_MVhMiFm0rx5sRIrMOoiRKHkN2GOh-Pv3Rl0vVf2f4TuN8bo_Kh57QAUFnmK8IbVKwChql9Gv6vpeP5-I54tPttOeHOeM=w1920-h1080 Corretor 3 17280809758 9612 2022-05-03T15:40:14.550 "{""website"":""http://www.lopesself.com.br/"" ""external_website"":""imovel/detalhes/[referencia_sigla]""}"

true 940024390xx RG true 55969 0 0 2022-05-03T19:18:49.467 Corretor 1 liliacosta@xxx LÍLIA GARDÊNIA NOGUEIRA COSTA MORAES 439888 LÍLIA GARDÊNIA NOGUEIRA COSTA MORAES "[{""chat_active"":true ""is_primary"":true ""name"":""Rede REMAX"" ""id"":162}]" 59304 Aozr82K99fv6qjAjAZSdxw== Corretor 3 643.849.183 0 "{""website"":""remaxverdesmares.com.br/"" ""external_website"":""imovel/detalhes/[referencia_sigla]""}"

true 2878412xx RG true 2018 1978-09-20 20 9 2013-07-18T12:27:44.320 111024 Corretor 1 fabiana@xxx Fabiana Salla 61602 Fabiana Salla "[{""chat_active"":true ""is_primary"":true ""name"":""Rede Agenciou"" ""id"":233}]" 2184 3rrYrhK3OPY= (11) 9523-45018 Corretor 3 27952499874 0 2022-05-03T15:25:22.607 "{""website"":""clicarimoveis.com.br/"" ""external_website"":""imovel/detalhes/[referencia_sigla]""}"

Clients 58,000 000 records without passwords:

58 million records in total ( 14million e-mails and million phonenumbers ). Most private citizens of Brazil change their number within 2 years, only a few keep hanging on to the old number.

Examples edited:

birth_date (very little) emails identity_card (~ 1 million records) full_name phones social_security_number (~ 1 million records) updated_date

[{""id"":31634871,""email"":""alvoradacarimbos@xxx""}]",null,"""Rogério Guedes""","[{""number"":""(12) 9888-280xx"",""type_id"":3,""id"":57889241,""type"":""Celular"",""no_mask"":""12988828099""}]",0.0,null,"""2022-01-27T11:12:49.630"""

1986-06-03T00:00:00.000,[{""id"":8498024,""email"":""selma.greboggy@yxxx""}]",null,"""Reinaldo Greboggy""","[{""number"":""(41) 9768-7484"",""type_id"":3,""id"":17127622,""type"":""Celular"",""no_mask"":""4197687484""}]",0.0,null,"""2016-03-15T09:48:12.177"""

[{""id"":30928615,""email"":""natalha_f@xxx""}]",null,"""Natalha""","[{""number"":""(21) 9857-493xx"",""type_id"":1,""id"":65469303,""type"":""Tel. Residencial"",""no_mask"":""21985749361""}]",0.0,null,"""2021-12-23T15:47:49.443"""

[{""id"":28276730,""email"":""renata.dupre@xxx""}]",null,"""Renata""","[{""number"":""(21) 9833-018xx"",""type_id"":3,""id"":55406578,""type"":""Celular"",""no_mask"":""21983301836""}]",0.0,null,"""2021-06-30T10:10:09.073"""

[{""id"":19178365,""email"":""tiagogmsilva@xxx""}]",null,"""Tiago Gomes da Silva""","[{""number"":""(12) 9330-004xx"",""type_id"":3,""id"":42269774,""type"":""Celular"",""no_mask"":""12933000479""}]",0.0,null,"""2019-09-11T16:45:04.420"""

The seller has put no limit on how many times it will be sold.

Another seller using the alias "Broker" also offered to sell it complete with the clients passwords included, but said that "PieWithNothing" asking price was way to low for selling complete with clients passwords.

The business old domain URL imob.ingaia.com.br is nowdays forwarded to Kenlo Brazil. ( Portuguese ) language.

Kenlo Website


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