IT or Computer Science? What to Know About Entering These Fields and Building a Successful Career


IT or computer science? What to know about entering these fields and building a successful career.

The technology sector in today's society is booming. As of 2019, only seven percent of people in the United States reported not using computers and the internet - those numbers are even lower in the business industry, where companies have created a majority of their processes and systems involving various technologies within their sector.

If you're debating whether to move into the field of IT or computer science - no matter the segment you’ll eventually choose - you'll end up in an industry with continual demand that also offers its professionals numerous advantages.

Considering a Career in Technology

Computer science and IT are some of the hottest fields today. According to a Bureau of Labor survey, their growth exceeds the average for all other occupations in the U.S. by more than double, and the same survey notes that by 2029, over 531,200 new jobs will be added to this sector.

Determining which way to go requires careful consideration. While computer science involves algorithmic processes, computations, and computational machines, information technology provides students with specialized and updated knowledge and skills in particular technologies, such as personal and entertainment.

Examine Your Interests and Skills

Your talents and interests matter when deciding whether you go for a degree in computer science or IT. While this seems obvious, it truly helps you understand what to consider in a career. Technology is appealing at first because of the generous salaries and job stability the sector offers. Still, you don’t want to lose sight of what you enjoy doing and change your career for another one that's unfulfilling.

Technology is a rather broad term that incorporates several segments, products, and services across a wide range of industries, from health care to rentals to software. To land in the right spot, ask yourself what tech area motivates you enough to learn and create. Your current skill set will also have a role to play in choosing the ideal field, so make sure you consider that as well.

Boost Your Knowledge

To advance your career in IT or computer science, it may be ideal to enroll in an online degree program to gain the necessary knowledge that will make you a more valuable professional. For instance, a bachelor's degree in IT opens the door to other segments of the industry such as cryptography, digital forensics, network security, cyber defense, cloud security, and data management. On the other hand, suppose you already have the necessary education but want to switch to a similar field of work that requires changing your operating system from Windows to Linux. In that case, you can simply browse tutorials like those offered by Linuxexperten to sharpen your skills and prepare you for your new work.

Be Successful in Your New Career

Career changes should be strategically schemed and not quickly pursued in an attempt to escape an undesirable work position. As appealing as technology careers may be, it takes a while to build experience and move up the ladder, so be patient with yourself and keep learning.

To ensure that you remain a valuable asset, find an area of expertise that’s always in high demand. Once you find the perfect role, don’t rest on your laurels. Continue refining your knowledge no matter where you land; as technology develops and evolves, so should you.

Perhaps more imperative than technical ability, though, are the soft skills you'll need to have a long-term and successful career in this industry. If leadership is something you're interested in, and if your ultimate goal is to lead a team in a few years, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking will be vital to your success.

Building a Career in Technology

There are several avenues you can travel within the technology field, but two of the most sought-after today are computer science and IT. With a careful approach, you can decide which is best for you, and find the career of your dreams.

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