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Kernel Schedule Updates For Kernel V6.0


Kernel Schedule Updates For Kernel V6.0.

Ingo Molnar submitted the kernel scheduler updates for the next release, Linux Kernel 6.0, is now under active development.

The updates are focusing mainly on load-balancing improvements, along with ABI improvements, optimizations and fixes.

Whilst most people expected the next version to be 5.20x, Linus Torvalds decided to skip to 6.0.

Load-balancing improvements:

  • Improve NUMA balancing on AMD Zen systems for affine workloads.
  • Improve the handling of reduced-capacity CPUs in load-balancing.
  • Energy Model improvements: fix & refine all the energy fairness metrics (PELT) and remove the conservative threshold requiring 6% energy savings to migrate a task. Doing this improves power efficiency for most workloads and also increases the reliability of energy-efficiency scheduling.
  • Optimize/tweak select_idle_cpu() to spend (much) less time searching for an idle CPU on overloaded systems. There's reports of several milliseconds spent there on large systems with large workloads.
  • Improve NUMA imbalance behavior. On certain systems with spare capacity, initial placement of tasks is non-deterministic and such an artificial placement imbalance can persist for a long time, hurting (and sometimes helping) performance.
  • Improve core scheduling by fixing a bug in sched_core_update_cookie() that caused unnecessary forced idling.
  • Improve wakeup-balancing by allowing same-LLC wakeup of idle CPUs for newly woken tasks.
  • Fix a newidle balancing bug that introduced unnecessary wakeup latencies.

ABI improvements/fixes:

  • Do not check capabilities and do not issue capability check denial messages when a scheduler syscall doesn't require privileges. (Such as increasing niceness.)
  • Add forced-idle accounting to cgroups too.
  • Fix/improve the RSEQ ABI to not just silently accept unknown flags.
  • (No existing tooling is known to have learned to rely on the previous behavior.)
  • Depreciate the (unused) RSEQ_CS_FLAG_NO_RESTART_ON_* flags.


  • Optimize & simplify leaf_cfs_rq_list()
  • Micro-optimize set_nr_{and_not,if}_polling() via try_cmpxchg().

Misc fixes & cleanups:

  • Fix the RSEQ self-tests on RISC-V and Glibc 2.35 systems.
  • Fix a full-NOHZ bug that can in some cases result in the tick not being re-enabled when the last SCHED_RT task is gone from a runqueue but there's still SCHED_OTHER tasks around.
  • Various PREEMPT_RT related fixes.
  • Misc cleanups & smaller fixes.

Learn more at LKML.


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