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Kiwi Farms User Database Leaked


Kiwi Farms User Database Leaked.

Kiwi Farms formerly known as "CWCki Forums", was an online community known for stalking, swatting, harassing, doxing, and intimidating people. Its users singled out transgender and neurodivergent people in particular.

Its owner is Joshua "Null" Moon a former 8chan administrator.

Causing suicides:

The members actions have tied Kiwi Farms to the suicides of three people.

One of their victims was the Canadian streamer, political activist, and transgender activist Clara "Keffals" Sorrenti whos was doxxed on Kiwi Farms in a thread dedicated to discussing her. Users on the site posted personal information about her (e.g. addresses, phone numbers) as well as that of her friends and family. Users also leaked sexually explicit photos of her and made death threats.

She was later swatted, arrested and detained for over ten hours in August 2022 when someone stole her identity and sent fake emails to local politicians threatening mass violence.

Kiwi Farms offline:

The site is no longer functional after being blocked by Cloudflare after much pressure. In September 2022, Kiwi Farms' was blocked by Cloudflare, due to an "an imminent and emergency threat to human life".

The site then moved to Russian-based service provider DDoS-Guard and a Russian domain that had been registered on July 12, 2021. However after some convincing by Former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi, DDoS-Guard stopped providing services to Kiwi Farms on September 5, also rendering the site's Russian domain inaccessible.

Their .onion site is also offline:


Kiwi Farms Data breach:

The site suffered a data breach in late 2019 and that database is now available for download here. ( 20MB )

However it is not "Free", only members with points can download it.

Compromised data includes: Usernames ( some are missing ) from the Excel document provided, Email addresses can be found in some of the conversations, IP addresses are connected to the username, Website activity ( conversations ) are provided in .alot of txt files. Hashed passwords connected to the username needs de-hashing.

All-in all this leak is far from as complete as promised on the hacking forum.

While the leak is not recent, it will still give a pretty good insight in the mindsetting of these people, which may be of interest for the victims that were Doxxed.

Their best bet will be to look at the IPs, search the emails for other places were it might be registered and the same with usernames.

Up until the leak it seems as if they had 7200+ users registered.

NEW:On September 6, 2022, Lim confirmed that VanwaTech had begun providing CDN services to the forum Kiwi Farms, so they might soon be back online.

Here are some free advices:

Do not expose yourself too much on social media, use an email that is not connected with your person. Remove all EXIF tags in your photos before uploading them to Facebook or other sites.

If possible do not use social media at all.

However if you can't control yourself, atleast get the best VPN to protect your data and online visits safe.

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Tracing their IP's and more:

Username/ IP and location:

champthom.2, IP: - ISP: Charter Communications Inc : State/Region: New York , City: Utica. Exact location: Latitude: 43.100899  (43° 6′ 3.24″ N) Longitude: -75.232658  (75° 13′ 57.57″.

More to come....



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