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Linux Kernel 5.18 Released


Linux Kernel 5.18 Released.

This latest Linux kernel was released on 22nd of May, 2022 and it includes support for new hardware and has some core changes.

For Debian 11 or LMDE5 users, the kernel version 5.10 have been updated / patched by the Debian team, but the kernel version will still be 5.10.xx, unless you yourself update to the latest kernel.

What is new:

Keyboard support:

Razer HID driver:

For gamers a new Razer HID driver has been added for the BlackWidow keyboards which aren't entirely compliant with the HID specification and their macro (M1 to M5) keys aren't properly handled. This new driver ensures that the macro keys are mapped to XF86tools and XF86Launch5. This driver is expected to solve other issues with Razer hardware.

Apple Keyboard Improvements:

  • Apple magic keyboard support improvements for newer models.
  • Learn more here...

Graphics drivers updates:

Improvements to the AMD GPU:

  • Clean up of power management code
  • Enable freesync video mode by default
  • Clean up of RAS code
  • Improve VRAM access for debug using SDMA
  • Coding style cleanups
  • SR-IOV fixes
  • More display FP reorg
  • TLB flush fixes for Arcuturus, Vega20
  • Misc display fixes
  • Rework special register access methods for SR-IOV
  • DP2 fixes
  • DP tunneling fixes
  • DSC fixes
  • More IP discovery cleanups
  • Misc RAS fixes
  • Enable both SMU i2c buses where applicable
  • s2idle improvements
  • DPCS header cleanup
  • Add new CAP firmware support for SR-IOV

AMD FreeSync monitors:

FreeSync video mode is now enabled by default.

AMDKFD is the AMD Kernel Fusion Driver:

  • Misc cleanups
  • SVM fixes
  • CRIU support
  • Clean up MQD manager

And lots more AMD related fixes.Changelog here.

ARM Chip Support:

  • Tesla FSD - Tesla’s full self-driving SoC is now supported with Linux Kernel 5.18
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Other chips:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 625/632 and Samsung Exynos 850/7885.


  • Intel Software Defined Silicon (SDSi) driver to the mainline kernel.

The driver restricts access to certain processor features if a certificate from Intel isn’t present and some fear that a new business model might take form.
For example: some CPU functions are disabled until the user pays for a license to unlock them.

C-programming language updated:

  • The C programming language used for the Linux Kernel was limited to the old C89 standard, but with kernel 5.18 it has been replaced with C11.

Support for new wireless hardware:

  • MediaTek MT7916 & MT7921U
  • Broadcom BCM43454/6

Wi-Fi drivers:

  • Realtek W89 driver now supports AP mode, 6 GHz band and has a hardware scan feature.

Mobile solutions additions:

  • Intel M.2 WWAN card


Improvements have been made to configure IPv6.

Learn more here.


Vast improvements for Linux support of tablets.

Learn more here.

USB improvements / patches:

Highlights are:

  • list iterator fixups for when we walk past the end of the list  (a common problem that was cut/pasted in almost all USB gadget drivers)
  • xen USB driver "hardening" for malicious hosts.
  • xhci driver updates and fixes for more hardware types
  • xhci debug cable fixes to make it actually work again
  • usb gadget audio driver improvements
  • usb gadget storage fixes to work with OS-X
  • lots of other small usb gadget fixes and updates
  • USB DWC3 driver improvements for more hardware types
  • Lots of other small USB driver improvements
  • DTS updates for some USB platforms
  • Read more here...

How to install Linux Kernel 5.18 in Debian 11 or LMDE5:

Enjoy the latest release.


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