Modern RAM Used For Computers Vulnerable To Rowhammer Attacks


Modern ram used for computers vulnerable to Rowhammer attacks.

According to new research published this week, modern RAM cards are still vulnerable to Rowhammer attacks despite extensive mitigations that have been deployed by manufacturers over the past six years.

Modern ram used for computers vulnerable to Rowhammer attacks.

These mitigations, collectively referred to as Target Row Refresh (TRR), are a combination of software and hardware fixes that have been slowly added to the design of modern RAM cards after 2014 when academics disclosed the first-ever Rowhammer attack.

But in a new research paper titled today and titled "TRRespass: Exploiting the Many Sides of Target Row Refresh" a team of academics from universities in the Netherlands and Switzerland said they developed a generic tool named TRRespass, that can be used to upgrade the old Rowhammer attacks to work on the new-and-improved TRR-protected RAM cards.

The new upgraded attacks work on both DIMM and LPDDR4 memory types and can be used to retrieve encryption keys from memory, or escalate an attacker's access right to sudo/SYSTEM-level.

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