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Netflix Will Try To End Password Sharing In 2023

Netflix Will Try To End Password Sharing In 2023

Netflix Will Try To End Password Sharing In 2023.

The company Tweeted back in 2017, that "Love is sharing a password.”, but as they want a bigger piece of the pie of the streaming market and to increase its profits.

Here is why I do not think their efforts it will matter, read on...

After much debate, whether or not to try to stop password sharing, they have finally decided to crack down on households that share their logins.

They already tried a VPN ban in 2021, which included households as reported by TorrentFreak.

Besides this, I have found several "Windows-based" software for testing and bruteforcing Netflix accounts online. Netflix introduced "Geo-fencing", which is a technology that I wrote about a long time ago and how it could/ probably would be used.

New 2023:

Netflix will force customers to login from home once a month or they will get locked out of their accounts. This means if you are travelling alot in work, you should skip NetFlix totally. Not just for this reason, their library of movies and series aren't that interesting anymore.

Find more information via the help center for Netflix Costa Rica, the country where tests of combating password sharing began last year and where the campaign is already in live action.

The crackdown is expected to reach the US and Canada in March, 2023 and it will be rolled out worldwide after that.

Netflix is not for the traveller or salesman and if your device gets blocked, you need to get in touch directly with their support to solve the issue??

Help us out:

Send in reports if your account is not unblocked after contacting support !!!

What is new is in  2023:

All Netflix accounts will need to set a primary location ( your home ). The said location in turn will be linked to a home Wi-Fi network and all the devices connected to it. You will need to connect every 31 day or loose access.

“If you will be away from your primary location for over 31 days, we will no longer recognize your device as a trusted device and you may be blocked from watching on your Netflix account,” Netflix says.

Netflix loosing customers:

Netflix lost a lot of customers last year, but it did not take long for it to bounce back again.

In the third quarter of 2022, Netflix had approximately 223 million paying subscribers.

Back in April Netfilx said that over 100 million viewers was watching their service using passwords they have borrowed from family members or friends, including over 30 million people in the USA and Canadian markets.

Being a paid subcriber of its service, I find it more and more difficult to find interesting content and sometimes, when I do find something interesting, for example Black Sails, which is excellent. They remove the first three seasons and leave the fourth?

Who wants to start watching the final season?

Also for quite some time now, one account is limited to five devices, should you try to connect with a sixth, one user will be blocked.

Letter to shareholders:

Now while reading the shareholders letter Netflix says despite "our relatively high household penetration - when including the large number of households sharing accounts - combined with competition, is creating revenue growth headwinds. The big COVID boost to streaming obscured the picture until recently."

Netflix has been coming up with different ideas on how to get "freeloaders" turn into paying clients.

Last November, they introduced "Managing Access and Devices, a new feature in Account Settings that allows you to easily view recent devices that have streamed from your account and to log out of specific devices with just one click."

Another feature that was introduced was “Profile Transfer”, which was yet another attempt to turn freeloaders into paying customers.

Share your account, but pay a little extra:

In July, a “sub account” tool with an “add a home” feature was introduced in five Latin American countries. It lets users “buy” more homes to share the same account with. Sharing your account.

Cheap but with advertisement:

Netflix also offers a Basic account with Ads subscription plan that will cost $6.99 per month ( ~R$36 ), but you will have to watch almost five minutes of ads per hour and if you pay an additional R$14, you will get all free from advertisement.

Man you need to have it really tight, not to be able to pay the extra R$14.

Netflix Online Leaks:

Yes, there are hundreds of accounts leaked on hacker forums every day and yes, they usually works.

Do you want most streaming services for $2,89USD or ( R$15 ) per month?

Now this is probably not completely legal, it might actually be totally illegal, "I do not personally use it", but I know people that do and from the tests they let me perform on it. It works just as well the real thing.

It makes use of the cloud ! Yes, the latest thing and most vulnerable one.

The TV box is made in China named "MXq Pro" and it runs Android12+ and has 512GB memory, a 64-bit CPU, HevcX265, 4 cores, but still it is 4k. Four USB 2.0, which is lame, should be 3.0 by now, but it also comes with two SD/SDXC and support for others.

The box costs $34-35USD or R$180 and if you pay for one year upfront the total will be ~$70USD or R$360 or if you want to pay per month the cost is $4,80USD or R$25 per month.

Besides this, the box supports games in 2D/3D, Skype, QQ, office apps and more. It is at the moment limited to 2,4Ghz Wi-Fi, but supports PPPPOE, DLNA and Miracast.

So what streaming services are supported?

Well from what I could see, Netflix, HBO ( the entire range ), Paramount, MTV, Disney+, more and even the horrible CAMS with 1XBET are available for the ones that are desperate.

Now, they might think that getting hold of you IP might help them crack down on you, but here is the kicker, the TV box supports VPNs from many different suppliers.

So you just need to go with one that is not located in a How many "EYES" locations and install the software on your TV Box and you are good to go.

Also, while you at the moment you can not change the MAC-address on a smartphone, you can do this on notebooks and other computers, choose the right hardware when you build your computer.

Besides this, look at a separate modem and a separate router that support Fibre speed and VPN.

Now if and only if people wise up about VPN's, I believe that Netflix and others, will not be able to easily crack down on households.

Time will tell...

Hope this was helpful.


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