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OAKBEND MEDICAL CENTER, Texas Data breach leaked online.

OakBend Medical is passionately focused on patient-centered medicine, but obviously not focused on securing their own and their patients data.

The hospital published a breach statement on their "WordPress" website here in .pdf-format, which is not so common, most will try to keep it quiet.

"OakBend Medical Center is the last remaining independent nonprofit hospital in the Greater Houston Area. We proudly serve Fort Bend County and surrounding communities at all of our locations including our hospitals, emergency centers, surgery centers, physical therapy clinics, physician offices, and many more."

Another invite for hackers:

A hospital should not use "WordPress", nor "Windows" ( but if they must ) atleast make sure it is up-to-date and have some mandatory basic security education for all employees on how to use computers and Internet.

They should also disable all Hyperlinks in all Emails ( using text only ) for emails, then scan potential links for Malware. This is easy to do !

Who hacked the hospital:

OakBend Medical were hacked by the "DAIXIN TEAM" known for targeting the healthcare and public health (hph) sector. The Daixin Team is known for gaining access to the networks of victims by exploiting vulnerabilities in VPN servers, using compromised VPN credentials for accounts, that do not have multi-factor authentication enabled.

Here is a free tip:

Use separate emails just for the VPN accounts, then the longest possible password ( complicated with a big mix of letters, numbers, symbols etc. ). Also use a VPN with an interest in security and reputation of being the best. Or you will get what you paid for.

Software used to fuck up your systems:

The group is using leaked "Babuk source code" to hack their victims. It is easier to adapt existing code that write new code from the ground up.

Also they use Rclone or Ngrok to send stolen data to dedicated virtual private servers (VPS).

This particular group deploys ransomware to encrypt servers responsible for healthcare services—including electronic health records services, diagnostics services, imaging services, and intranet services, but also exfiltrates personal identifiable information (PII) and patient health information (PHI).

When they do not get paid, they release all data, but only on the "DarkWeb", which limits the leak.

Unlike the Russian group Everest, that publishes their leaks on the open Internet, making it easier and faster to download and verify the data leaked, you can still access all data via the DarkWeb, although very slow to download, it is possible.

Here you can download all files leaked:

Tor Browser needed !!!




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