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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Social Media


Reasons Why You Should Avoid Social Media.

In these days, many if not almost everyone is using some kind of social media app or website, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Truth Social.

Lots of people wanting to be seen by other people, recognized and met with approval.

You do not need to be one of these people, if you know what you are good at, what you are less good at and what you can and can't do.

Why seek the approval of others you don't even know?

Everything you do online leaves a digital footprint and there is a huge interest in collecting your data.

A few examples are: Government agencys, advertisers, BIG TECH for selling your data, photos included for creating more accurate Facial Recognition software, Doxxers, stalkers and people search sites.

So where do they get all this information from:

  • Telephone directories - online
  • Business data - online
  • Property listings
  • Vehicle records - The Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) US.
  • Social networking sites - Faccebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.
  • Dating Apps
  • Online directories, blogs and forums
  • Search Engines like Google
  • Windows Operating System ( Microsoft ) and other software like Skype.
  • Your ISP ( Internet Services Provider )

Besides this, some employeers even require you to fill in if you have a Facebook or Instagram on your job application form.

This could mean that if you party alot, dress inappropriate in your photos or for other reasons, the job offer goes to someone else.

Now to make things worse:

There are sites that collect information like, real police records, driving citations, past address history, online profiles and more, then summons it up into a report.

TruthFinder - Searches public records from multiple US databases including county, state and federal data. To add on top of this, they search social media and more.


  • Arrest records
  • Bankrupcy filings
  • Birth dates
  • Business associates
  • Civil judgments
  • Criminal convictions
  • Driving offenses
  • Education information
  • Foreclosures
  • Home address
  • Information on your neighbors
  • List of nearby sex offenders
  • Phone numbers ( more than one )
  • Property scanning
  • Social media profiles
  • Tax liens
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Weapons permits

What it can't be used for is credit background checks, for screening employees, tenants or potential scholarship recipients.

Also worth noting is that this is a subscription service, not a once buy and you are done. It costs $30USD per month.

Other sites:

WhitePages - Is even worse than the above mentioned service and currently the most used one. They do screen tenants, any prior evictions and more.

Intelius - People search that guarentees your searches remain private.

Spokeo - A people intelligence service that helps you search, connect, and know who you are dealing with. You can use it to find old friends, identify unknown callers, or research your date.

BeenVerified - Yet another one.

Familytreenow - FamilyTreeNow is perhaps the most accurate one of them all.

InstantCheckMate - Public Records Search Service.

PeekYou - Find friends, relatives and colleagues across the Web.

Social Catfish - Reverse lookup and verify identities.

CheckPeople - Another...

Peoplefinders - Yet another...

There are many other sites like these out there and many of them are run by ex-felons or neo-Nazis, even right-wing politicians.

If you must be on social media:

If you must be on social media, then atleast make sure you use a secure and anonymous OS, always use a no-log secure VPN and never use your real-name or an email that connects your real name with it.

Never post photos, without removing the information stored in them. You can use GIMP for this.

Use a fake identity and a fake photo for your face from This person does not exist.

I recommend you read: How To Use Deep Web "Dark Web" Links 2022 With Tor browser

There are ways you can access FaceBook and Twitter anonymously.

Revenge porn and the links to social media:

Another concern is revenge porn, which usually includes the victims social media links, intimate photos, phone number, email and more.

So far I have discovered two messageboards on the "open Internet", where ex-gifrlfriends photos and information are being posted by men.

Note: I have only come across US citizens on these two forums.


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