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Swedish Government To Intercept Climate Activists Communications

Swedish Government To Intercept Climate Activists Communications

Swedish Government To Intercept Climate Activists Communications.

New Swedish Nazi government laws and rulings open up state preventive surveillance of people who engage in civil disobedience.

On October 24th year 2022, a verdict that was the first of its kind in Sweden came to light. Twelve people, from the Restore Wetlands network, were convicted of sabotage after having glued themselves to the E4 during the morning rush hour in August.

The purpose of the action was to draw attention to the ongoing climate crisis.

During newspaper reports after the demonstration, the activists were ridiculed by many. False claims were also made by journalists, that ambulances were blocked, something that turned out to be incorrect as a lane was kept open just for blue light vehicles.

Despite this, Göteborgs-Posten's Karin Pihl, among others, called the activists "terrorists" on the newspaper's editorial page a few days after the demonstration.

Use Signal.... Not WhatsApp or other.

It seems most of the Swedes are "weak", "frightened" little non-vikings. So if you assist the series Vikings, remember most of them are Norweigans, "Swedes" lost their balls around 1718 and it has going downhill since then.

You only see fat old fucks, these days claiming everyone is a terrorist and most people seems to believe this, which is sad.

Besides this they are kicking out people, that are immigrants, but grew up in Sweden and do not know the language nor the customs of their origin, but still they are shuffling them off back there.

The district court has stated in the judgment that traffic concerns outweigh the right to demonstrate, and that it is therefore reasonable to sentence the activists for sabotage.

Since January 1, the police have been given the opportunity to preventively intercept all individuals who have not been convicted of a crime.

Remember how Hitler started, watch Jimmie Akesson.

Its not that the Swedes are dumb or lack education.. It is pure rasiscm, but most of them aren't pure...

People are people, no matter of their origin.

Now, it is important for any Swede with their balls still attached to their body, to know how to protect yourself from the Nazi government ruling your land.

Now many are probably wondering if you can OSINT a Police officer or prosecutor ? Well, yes you can...

Should you? Well that is another matter...


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