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Swedish Police Officers Data Breaches And Illegal Searches


Swedish Police Officers Data Breaches And Illegal Searches.

Seeing as Sweden has long been praised as a higly democratic and non-invasive country, where even the legal system and its police officers have been held in high regard around the world. The Swedish press, politicians and police are on a daily basis pushing out news about gang-related crimes and wanting to increase prison time and even wanting to put more people in prison.

Legalizing the use of Malware:

The country recently made it legal to spy on common people who aren't even criminal suspects, where installing Malware on peoples devices is just one of the things the police are now authorized to do to the Swedish citizens, but in the shadows, they are hiding their own illegal activities.

What is to say that these new authorized surveillance methods won't be abused as well?

Now, below are just a few cases that made the news, a quick simple search gives you more and some that have been removed.

How many more of these illegal searches, fly under the radar, who knows?

Since it is by Swedish law ( for now ) considered a cybercrime to do a search in a system only to be accessed if needed and in relation to an ongoing case, you can see how this is being easily abused.

Also what strikes me the most is the fact that convicted police officers get to keep their jobs ( unless they kill someone and get convicted for it ), while a normal citizen convicted of stealing a piece of bread, can't even apply to become a cop if he or she wanted.

Here are some easy to find cases:

The latest discovered case is a Chief of police charged with data breaches and in one case he himself was the plaintiff.

A police chief in Gävleborg, Sweden is charged with several cases of data breaches.

According to the prosecutor, the man has made a series of searches in the police's IT system and registers that were not necessary for his work. In one case, the chief of police allegedly found out information about a relative of a suspect in an investigation in which he himself is the plaintiff.

As the searches are not work related, they should be considered as data breaches, the prosecutor says.

The police chief himself denies any wrongdoing. If he is convicted, he faces fines or imprisonment for up to two years. (TT) 03/08/2022.

A police officer from Lund, Sweden did a series of searches in the police's IT system and registers on his own father and a work colleague. Now he is being prosecuted for data breaches. sydsvenskan.se 28/12/2021

A police officer is charged for having made unauthorized searches in the police's own IT system and criminal records, which are considered to be data breaches, when not work related. Regardless of whether he is convicted or not, it is likely that he will be allowed to keep his job. The Värmland police officer is said to have searched for a man and his two children on several occasions. nwt.se 29/11/2021

Police officer charged with several data breaches - did searches on both relatives and work colleagues.

A police officer in Östergötland is now being prosecuted for several data breaches, after he made several illegal searches in the police's IT system on his relatives and work colleagues.
The police officer himself denies the crime. Instead, he claims that they were necessary to be able to perform various duties.sverigesradio.se 18/09/2021

A police officer in Västerbotten is suspected of four cases of data breach.

The police officer searched information about people in a private matter.

On four occasions during the spring, the police officer is suspected of having done illegal searches on people in the police system. According to the indictment, the searches were intended for matters relating to a private matter and were not necessary for the duties of a police officer. Several of the searches were done outside working hours. svt.se 09/06/2021.

Police officer charged with data breaches.

In October 2019, the said police officer was charged for sexually harassing a female colleague in connection with a banquet in 2019. Now the same police officer is being charged with additional crimes – this time for several cases of data breaches and breach of confidentiality.

According to the prosecutor, the police officer allegedly did several illegal searches on people living in Östergötland with whom he had arguments with and disclosed secret information as part of the conflicts. The police officer denies any crimes on all counts.svt.se 01/02/2021

Police officer in Stockholm released information to an acquaintance.

A man who suspected that he had been the victim of fraud contacted a friend who is a police officer and asked him to search the police records for the alleged perpetrator. Now the police officer is being prosecuted for data breach. dn.se 31/08/2021

Police officer in Skaraborg charged for several data breaches - made illegal searches on people.

A police officer in Skaraborg, Sweden risks paying a fine after making over 20 illegal searches on people in the police's IT system and criminal records. Now the police officer is charged with several data breaches. Worth noting: A few years ago, the policeman was convicted for the same crime. skaraborgslanstidning.se 16/09/2021

Police officer from Mariestad charged with data breaches.

According to the indictment, the police officer have illegally hacked the police IT system. The searches in the system and criminal register have not been necessary for performaning certain work tasks. The police officer was logged on 21 occasions over three years, more specifically during the period February 2018 to February 2021 at the police station in Mariestad. mariestadstidningen.se 16/09/2021.

Police officer in Kungsbacka, Sweden charged with several data breaches

The police officer in Kungsbacka municipality is suspected having done several illegal searches in the police's IT system and registers that were not necessary for his work. Since the action was not necessary, he is now being prosecuted at Varberg district court on suspicion of several accounts of data breaches.
The incidents have taken place on several occasions during 2018 and 2019. The police officer did several searches on three different people.svt.se 29/10/2020.

Police inspector charged with data breach.
A police inspector is suspected of having used the police's IT system to investigate whether he himself was registered in the police's suspects register. Used for evidence, the prosecutor relies on extracted system logs. (TT)15/09/2011

Police charged with data breach.

A police officer has been charged on suspicion of data breach. She made 902 searches in the police authority's various registers to find out information about her neighbors in Bohuslän,Sweden. Between November 2006 and March 2010, she accessed systems that she wasn't allowed access to. svd.se 04/10/2011.

Data breaches:

Normally a data breach involves an intruder hacking into a system, accessing it and either stealing the information or encrypting it, to sell the data back or online. But as you can see, with easy access comes security risks and the possibility of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Now for sure this is a problem many countries are facing, not just Sweden. But when a country is only painted pretty around the world, making it seem as euphoria, it is important to show the reality of things.


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