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Vigilante App "Citizen" Lays Off Employees

Vigilante App "Citizen" Lays Off Employees

Vigilante App "Citizen" Lays Off Employees.

Citizen is a crime reporting app, that has difficulties in monetizing its userbase and announced mass layoffs on Wednesday the 11th of January, 2023.

"Citizen is a melding of a social network and news alert service, focused almost entirely on crime and safety. Workers listen to police radio audio, summarize it, and send push notifications out to users about activity in their local area."

Citizen launched its paid-service, Citizen Protect, in August 2021 at a cost of $20 a month.

The app has a userbase of

Stalking an innocent man:

In May 2021, the companies CEO Andrew Frame used the app to place a $30,000 USD bounty on any information leading to the capture of a suspected arsonist in the Los Angeles area.

His staff broadcasted a photo and the name of a specific person, encouraging its app users to hunt him down, but It was an innocent person, they pursued.

"Citizen is OnAir: Arsonist Pursuit Continues," the notification, which went out to 848,816 Citizen users in Los Angeles, said. "We are now offering a $30,000 reward for any information directly leading to his arrest tonight. Tap to join the live search."

"Internal documents, messages, and roadmaps show how crime app Citizen is pushing the boundary of what a private, app-enabled vigilante force may be capable of." Vice writes in an article here.

Seeing as the man was innocent, lets hope he sues the shit out this company or the CEO himself.

It seems it isn't enough surveillance going around from government agencies and police, now businesses are trying to cash in on the weak and easily frightened citizens, using them to perform surveillance on their neighbors.

That is just f.cked up.

The app has been downloaded more than 1 million times from Google Play.

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