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Why Should I Not Use Windows10?

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What's happening @ Linuxexperten


What's happening @ Linuxexperten 2022.

Layout of the site:

Will remain the same for now, there are no plans for any major changes of the layout until next year 2023.

2022 - Tutorials & reviews will be translated into Portuguese, we have already started to do so.

Focus of the site changes to LMDE5 ( Linux Mint Debian ).

The main focus of the site is now both Debian 11 and LMDE5, which introduces a few addons and constant updates for the Cinnamon desktop, which is my preferred desktop environment.

I would say beginners, should start with Linux Mint because it is super easy to install and use ( much like Windows ) and it looks the same, but now with LMDE5 based on, Debian a much more powerful Linux distro, allows for beginners to start at a higher level and it allows for full disk encryption and more just like Debian original distro does...

Site advertisements and affiliate programs:

We will focus on products / software we use every day. Like VPN's, you will not find many here, because we are picky and don't promote something just because it pays well. We have entered in contact with some Antivirus companys as well to see if there is any interest on supporting the most popular Linux distros.

We need money to keep going and evolving, the server, ssl cert and domainname isn't free of charge. The work we do is however. So if you you are going to buy a product we recommend, please use our affiliate link to do so. We will not get a fortunte, but it will help and the price ( whether you hell or not ) will remain the same.

We are trying to find more affiliates, that run their own affiliate programs.

Security updates:

There will be no more manually added security updates for Debian 11 ( they are automatic ), we will only be adding Linux Mint Debian  = LMDE5 updates manually.

Old Debian security notices have been deleted, they can all be found at Debians own site.

Site updates:

Will become more frequent on my spare time and some software that are EOL, will be removed.

VPN and Firefox settings will constantly be updated, as well as Tor Browser.

Articles: There are 12+ contributing writers, some that have requested topics for Linux and related to write about, will be interesting to see what they produce. There are a couple of articles in the making at this moment.

They produce one article per month at the most, with the exception of one.

Other things that are relevant for users of the Internet.

How to remain anonymous online and how to use Dark Web.

An in depth article:

How To Use Deep Web "Dark Web" Links 2022 With Tor browser

This is very important to know, because for Google, Microsoft, Meta ( Facebook and their services ) and others, you are their product for sale. What you search for, what you watch ( on your Android, Computer, even your Smart TV,what you install and use all passes on to their servers. Including your exact position and more.


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Games For Linux

Windows has always been the preferred platform for gaming, but after STEAM's interest in Linux more game developers are making their games natively available for Linux.


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