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LMDE5 Mint updates will be posted separately from the Debian 11 updates, which are fetched automatically from their live feed under "Security Info Tab".

4 August 2022

LMDE5 Python3 Xapp Library Update V2.2.2.

This package contains the Python 3 version of the library.

This update affects the following installed package:
    • python3-xapp

Total size: 12 KB


4 August 2022

LMDE5 Pix Update V2.8.7.

Pix is an advanced image viewer and browser.

It has many useful features, such as filesystem browsing, slide show, image catalogs, web album creation, camera import, image CD burning, batch file operations and quick image...

3 August 2022

Swedish Police Officers Data Breaches And Illegal Searches.

Seeing as Sweden has long been praised as a higly democratic and non-invasive country, where even the legal system and its police officers have been held in high regard around the world. The Swedish press, politicians and...

3 August 2022

Kernel Schedule Updates For Kernel V6.0.

Ingo Molnar submitted the kernel scheduler updates for the next release, Linux Kernel 6.0, is now under active development.

The updates are focusing mainly on load-balancing improvements, along with ABI improvements...

3 August 2022

SolidBit Ransomware Targets League of Legends and Instagram Users.

Security researchers from Trend Micro has discovered the SolidBit variant disguised as a League of Legends account checker tool and and an Instagram follower bot, hosted at GitHub.

The fake...

3 August 2022

Linux Devs The Fastest At Fixing Bugs.

Google's Project Zero, who's work is to find day zero vulnerabilities are by far the fastest programmers solving security problems according to new statistics.

The measurement for data between 2019 and 2021 shows that...

2 August 2022

Swedish ISPs Make Deal To Block Piracy.

Several major entertainment industry groups representing movie studios, record labels, videogame developers and publishers signed a deal with the ISPs in Sweden to make it easy to block pirate sites.

It shouldn't come...

1 August 2022

Linux Kernel 5.19 Released.

The kernel was released one week later than expected, on the 31th of July, after eight release candidates. Linux Kernel 5.19, introduces various features, improvements,...

31 July 2022

EU Database iFado Hacked.

The data from the hack is for sale on the Dark Web and contains higly sensitive information like forgery of passports, driving licenses and residence papers.

The database was found for sale on a Dark Web forum on...

31 July 2022

DUCKTAIL - Facebook Malware Targeting Business Accounts.

A new infostealer malware has been spotted used in the wild by security researchers W/Labs ( former F-Secure ).




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